Think Better For Yourself By Keeping Your Mouth Shut. Learn to keep secrets

Lots of people have a bad habit of making their life an open book. Either posting their vacations photos on social media or by applying the Best Friend Forever (BFF) mantra, it is almost impossible to lead a secret life. Something that is kept or meant to be kept unknown or unseen by others is known as Secret. Secrets, are called secrets for some reasons right? They are meant to keep inside you until it is like a real matter of death and life to spill them out. A very famous Indian teacher, philosopher, economist and royal advisor Acharya Chanakya wrote in his book ‘Chanakya Neeti’ that some things that we most definitely should not reveal in public or even to your closest friend or aide. If you are exposing your secrets it may prove harmful to you in the long term. Here you will learn that, why you should keep secrets.

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Some things are meant to be confidential! It is very important to make a list of certain personal information which you should never share with others. Either make a list or maintain a dairy for you to whom you share your secrets.
“Anyone can find the dirt in someone. Be the one that finds the gold.”
– Gaur Gopal Das.

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Everyone has a past, especially a negative one. But it should not be connected with our professional or present life. Sometimes we never thought that we got a boss or a colleague with whom we have grudges in our school or graduation times. It’s better to let go of these feelings and discuss them as little as you can in public. Try to let go of those things which weigh you down.
Welcome the positivity in you and then you’ll find more and more people will be keen to hang out with you.


Be rain which amuses everyone. As we all know ‘thunder clouds don’t rain’. So it is very important for everyone to not share your aspirations with other people. It might be your friends or relatives because people may not agree with your goals and can be offensive and judgmental. They may use as a weapon in any argument. So it is better to keep them buried in your heart and mind. Once you acquire them you are free to share with the whole world.


It is better to keep your income details in your bank. Money is never a nicer thing which is discussed ever. It may split relationships and make gaps. If you allow people to know your financial details then it may create a huge problem in your life as people will put you in an awkward situation every time. Just remember if you are going through rough patch simply keep it to yourself.


Your endeavours must be kept pure as your eyes. Today, people do good things just to show off their status which is wrong. Good deeds are rare and graceful in this world. Once you boast something good that you’ve done, you’re making all for yourself. Many of the philanthropists remain anonymous in this world just because they don’t want to display their abilities.
There is a saying, good deeds/endeavours always attract good karma.


Never ever make a mistake of sharing your family problems with any of your friends or relatives. What happens inside your family should remain private. The details you know about your family is because you are a part of them. So be respectful and loyal for your family and do not reveal your family issues.

Now it’s up to you that what you want to do, keep your mouth shut about certain things or disclose your secrets. As everyone is interested in our personal life. So you should learn to adjust in such environments and don’t bring yourself down. The world somewhere depends upon truth,
still needs balance.
Some truth it’s better kept unspoken!
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