15 Things Women want Men to do but don’t tell while Making Love

Driving a woman is an art and the one who knows it can make the best of it. Women want their men to do many things while making love. Understanding a woman is nearly impossible but these tips can help you get the best of her while making love.

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Here are 15 things every woman wants her man to do while making love:

1. Grab her face while kissing her.

Place your hands in a manner that your thumbs are on her cheeks and fingers around her neck. Grabbing her face makes her easy to kiss and give her best of kissing.

Grab her face

2. Kissing her neck.

Kiss her on the neck and grab your finger from her forehead to her neck. You can also use your tongue or nose for marking her neck.

kiss her on neck

3. Soft lip-biting.

Lip-biting is one of the best ways for turning her moans on. Every woman wants her man to do this than anything else.

lip bitting

4. Little hair pulling.

Pull her hair softly and then scratch her neck with fingers or lips. The neck is the weakest and sensitive spot of a girl, so scratching her neck while making out can give a boost.

pulling her hair

5. Scratching and exploring her back with hands.

Explore her back with your fingers and palm. Don’t be so hard keep gentle and feel her back, this will leave her wanting for more.

exploring her back

6. Grab her Butts.

When making love try to slide your hands on her butts if she is comfortable with it try cupping her butts. Do this with care don’t do it forcefully.

Grab her butts

7. Gentle Spanking.

Phoebe Buffay stated women appreciate gentle spanking. Yes, women like gentle spanking but don’t make her butts red like apples.

Gently spank her

8. Kiss her on Chest and Stomach.

Take a break from her lips and neck to kiss her on chest and stomach and even down her stomach.

Kiss her on stomach

9. Kissing, licking and biting her earlobe.

An ear is the most sensitive part of the lady. Breathe gently on her ear and kiss on it. Lick the earlobe and suck it.

Kiss her Ear

10. Whispering in her Ears.

Whisper some dirty words in her ear because women love talking dirty but don’t go too far.

Whisper in her ears

11. Cuddle with her.

Women love the weight of her man over her. Don’t just stick with kissing and other stuff, cuddling is one of the favorites on a woman’s list.


12. Kissing her Back.

Kiss and suck on her back from up to down. Sucking her skin will turn her up.

kiss her back

13. Push her to a wall.

The right way to kiss is Pushing her against a wall and put her hands over her head. Now looking into her eyes lean on her and kiss like you fucking mean it. It will drive her crazy.

Kissing her against a wall

14. Sucking her Skin.

Don’t go too hard, be gentle. Sucking spots like neck and upper chest can turn her on amazingly.

Sucking her

15. Place matters a lot.

The place matters a lot and can turn her on. Car makeout can be fun but she might feel uncomfortable. Bed and couch are good options for making out.

Place of making love

Follow these tips and you can get the most out of a makeout. Stay tuned for more such articles, wish you all a happy love life.


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