These lesser known facts about Bhagat Singh every Indian should know.

The freedom struggle in India wasn’t easy. We got the independence at the cost of lives of many great leaders & revolutionaries of the time who took up the reins of getting India free in their hands. The dreams of free India were actually seen by them in those oppressive times. The great Shaheed-e-Azam Bhagat Singh is no new name for any Indian. Scroll down to read the lesser known facts about Bhagat Singh.

Lesser Known Facts About Bhagat Singh (5)

1. Bhagat Singh’s name came from the word “bhagwala”

This name was suggested by his grandmother because Bhagat Singh was born his father was released from Nepal Jail and two of his uncle Swarn Singh and Ajit Singh was released from the jail.

2. At the age of 8, he thought of releasing India from Britishers and had left the home at age of 15!

Bhagat Singh left home for Kanpur when his parents tried to get him married. He said, “My bride shall only be death” if he had to marry in slave India. He joined the Hindustan Socialist Republican Association.

3. He also worked as a journalist for the newspaper “Pratap” while he was in Kanpur.

Lesser Known Facts About Bhagat Singh (5)

He worked under the guidance of ‘Ganesh Shankar Vidhyarthi.’ He was also the regular writer of the magazine “Kirti” in Urdu and Gurmukhi language.

4. Bhagat Singh requested not to be hanged!

Bhagat Singh asked that instead of hanging him he must be shot dead, but it was not considered by the Britishers at all.

5. He considered Kartar Singh Sarabha as his path-maker.

The death of his guru had changed Bhagat Singh’s life totally.

6. While he was in the jail he had written the theme of the book “Dreamland.”

The book was written by Ramsaran. The content of the book includes violence, non-violence, religion, etc.

7. Bhagat Singh was multi-lingual.

Lesser Known Facts About Bhagat Singh (5)

He was an expert in reading and writing Hindi, Urdu, English, Punjabi and Gurumukhi at a very early age.

8. He moved the world with his fasting.

He kept fasting for 116 days even though he used to do his all the work regularly such as singing, reading books, writing, visiting court, etc.

9. He raised the word, Political prisoner.


10. He was hanged in Central jail of Lahore on 23 March 1931 and he was only 23 years old.

Lesser Known Facts About Bhagat Singh (5)

He was sentenced to be hanged on 24 March 1931, but it was brought forward by 11 hours to 23 March 1931 at 7 o’ clock in the evening and his mortal remains were buried beside the Ravi River.

11. Legend says, Bhagat Singh marched to the gallows with a smile on his face.

His one last act of defiance was shouting “Down with British imperialism.”

12. British feared him even at his time of death.

Lesser Known Facts About Bhagat Singh (5)

t is said that no magistrate was willing to supervise the hanging. After the original death warrant expired it was an honorary judge who signed and oversaw the hanging.


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