These Tarsem Jassar Facts Will Make You Learn Something From Him

Tarsem Jassar is one of the biggest stars of Punjabi Industry today. Everyone wants to know about Tarsem Jassar and these Tarsem Jassar facts will surely make you learn more about him. Tarsem Jassar was born on 4th July 1986 in village Amloh of Fatehgarh District of Punjab. His father was a government employee and he has two sisters. He completed his basic and secondary education from the school of Amloh and completed his graduation from Mata Gujri College Fatehgarh Sahib. He has also done PGDCA and during his Masters, he went to UK(London) and left his M.Sc in between. Here are some Tarsem Jassar facts that will make love him even more:

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Tarsem Jassar Facts

Tarsem Jassar Facts That Are Incredible

Tarsem Jassar Facts are listed below:

1. Decision Making For New Projects

You may have listened in his songs, how much his friends matter to him. Tarsem Jassar always consults his friends when going up for a new project. He, in an interview, said that his friends bring positivity to him and he always consults his friends for new projects. He added, “If anyone wants to know me go to my friends they know better than I did.”

Tarsem Jassar Facts

2. Dream of Being An Actor

Being an actor was a dream for Tarsem Jassar. Initially, this dream was to be an actor in Kulbir Jhinjer‘s Movie as Kulbir Jhinjer was the only celebrity among his friends. But by the grace of god Tarsem Jassar became a celebrity with his first song “Atwadi”. His dream of being an actor came true with his debut movie “Raab Da Radio” now he is well established in Punjabi Industry and his “Raab Da Radio” was a big hit.

3. Down To Earth

This Tarsem Jassar fact is really a lesson for other singers. Tarsem Jassar is very down to earth his lifestyle hasn’t changed much even after being a celebrity. He still uses to spend time with his friends as he used to do in his college time. He, in an interview, mentioned, “Dharra main Kadh laina, Kheti baddi de km sare aounde aa mainu and trally jini mrji tez back lgwalo.” He added, when he was in school he used to eat Kulchas from a hawker and even now he also use to eat Kulchas from the same hawker whenever he goes to his village.

Tarsen Jassar Facts

4. His Love For Sweets

Tarsem Jassar loves sweets he just can’t resist himself from eating sweets. In an interview regarding his Debut Movie “Raab Da Radio” he mentioned that he along with Simi Chahal and Mandy Thakkar use to eat sweets on set a lot. He said that “Churri” is his favorite.

5. Hard to Reach Or Contact

Yes, Tarsem Jassar is hard to connect as he did not keep a mobile phone with him. If anybody wants to contact him the only way is through is one of his friends. His Friend is always with him and manages his live shows. These Tarsem Jassar Facts were one of the most surprising among all Tarsem Jassar Facts.

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