Are You Gross Out From Your Greasy Hair?

When you are in a rush and you don’t have time to shower. Those extra five minutes of shampooing and conditioning, plus the five hours of living with wet hair are just things some girls can’t bother. But we never want to come up with greasy hair without washing it. Though a hat can solve our problem by hiding our dirty roots, sometimes we need to expose them so what to do with messy and greasy hair. To get rid of your greasy hair, here are some tricks you will love to experiment on your hair.
Here are some hacking solutions you can always try at your home specially when you are planning for the perfect workout.

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The easiest and simplest way to get tired off from your greasy hair is nonetheless dry shampoo. It is your best friend during the time of your unwashed hair days. Just a few sprays if this product can give you an extra day between washes along with unbelievable volume and texture. If you haven’t tried it, then you do so as soon as possible. You have to spritz it all over your hair including your roots, wait for a minute, rub it in and brush it out. Pretty simple? Also, you will be amazed at how simple and beautiful it looks!


If you are done with dry shampoo and want to try something new and also easy, you can try with baby powder which is a multi-purpose beauty product.
Sprinkle baby powder on your hands and then running it all through your hair, paying special attention to roots and underneath, will make your hair look fresh and smooth. It will soak up the grease and make your hair look washed.


Not to worry if you don’t have baby powder lying around, but if you have some cornstarch then it will just work fine. Also if your hair is pretty darker you can mix it with cocoa powder and rub it into your roots, it will make your hair look fresher and will smell delicious.


Just like you blot your face from oil, you can also try it with your scalps. You can rid of grease and get the shine on your face by using blotting papers. Run it along your scalp and roots and you will be amazed by your bouncy looks.


When your hair gets greasy, it can become limp and flat. So to amp up the volume a little here is the easiest way you can follow. Run a blow dryer through your hair and you will see that the oil is buildup and your hair are grease free. It will look like you’ve just stepped out of the shower and see your hair more lively and shiny.


It is the common and simplest way to camouflage your dirty hair. You will look gorgeous when you make a braid or two on your greasy hair.


A plain, sparkly or beaded hairband does wonder while hiding your greasy hair and making it look cute and perky -and it’s a style that suits, everyone.

So these are some hair hacks for when you don’t have time to wash it. This only means one thing that we need a solution to get off greasy hair without washing it. This will probably help you with your ‘sticky’ situation. After applying this to your hair, you put your worries rest.

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