Sikh community prove once again to be life saviour; providing langar for migration trouble Rohinigya Muslims

The Sikh community has once again proven itself as the life-saving community time after time. From fighting for rights of other to providing langar to needy ones, Sikhs have never backed off. Currently the group of Sikh volunteers from Khalsa Aid who reached the Bangladesh-Myanmar border earlier this week, have begun distributing ‘langar’ to the thousands of Rohingya Muslims refugees living the camps. Rohingya Muslims are facing huge migration trouble from Myanmar and moving to India.

On the first day on Thursday, the volunteers said they started the Guru ka Langar and prepared food for some 35,000 Rohingyas living in the camp for migration trouble people. According to The news sources, the team was till now distributing only packaged food items as they did not have the necessary permissions from the Bangladesh government. Hope is that they will get soon all permission for helping the migration trouble camps to recover as soon as possible.

Rohingya Muslims migration trouble getting help by sikh

On the first day of the langar, Sikh volunteers served cooked rice and vegetables at migration trouble camp.

Amarpreet Singh, managing director, India for Khalsa Aid told The Indian Express.“We cooked and served the first langar meals here today. We also purchased raw food items like rice, vegetables, and big utensils on Wednesday after getting required permissions from the government. The initial target is at least 35,000 meals per day for migration troubled Rohingya’s. However seeing the increasing number of refugees here, we know it won’t be enough to feed all but we had to start somewhere,”.

AIr force in command

Meanwhile, Indian government working under Operation Insaniyat (Humanity) has sent 53 tonnes of relief materials on Thursday. The material includes items which can be of urgent requirements for the affected community like rice, pulses, sugar, salt, cooking oil, tea, ready to eat noodles, biscuits, and mosquito nets.

Let’s hope that everything gets stable as soon as possible – The situation must be control or this migration trouble will go to worse.

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