15 signs that shows She is no longer in love with you; She is not interested any more.

Have you dated a girl on regular intervals for several months and now suddenly there are some negative changes in her behavior and responses to you. There is a possibility that she is no longer in love with you. Here are some of the few signs and indications you can check on your relationship.  She may be seeing someone else but is not able to tell you. So better you think and solve the matter either this Way or That way.

Signs that show She is no longer in love with you.

  • No/very Late Responses

She's no longer in love

If she is not responding your messages on time or just ignores without any explainations, then she may be showing you her desired thoughts for you.

  • If She Ignores your Calls

She's no longer in love

She doesn’t answer your call especially during the day and doesn’t even bother to return the call. It might be that someone has replaced you in her life.

  • Fighting/Arguing maximum time

She is no longer in love

She rarely talks to you and if she does you guys only fight. It means you both are tired of being with each other.

  • Your Priority?

She's no longer in love

You may be at the last of her priority list. She would only respond to your text message or call you during midnight when
she is about to doze off and you have zero communication line with her during the day. It is the sign, she has regarded you as the least important person (or just another option) in her life.

  • Unnecessary Reasons

She's no longer in love

She has a set of reasons for not being more involved, like when she forgets the appointment with you. Her strong reasons are the matter of debate, such as focusing on her career, don’t want to be in a relationship or she is too busy to give time and energy or any similar. If she were interested, she would find solutions, not excuses.


  • Ignores being with you

She's no longer in love

She stops holding your hand in public places and keeps distant from you during a walk. Cancel plans for date etc.

  • Doesn’t Share any More

She's no longer in love

She doesn’t talk much anymore of how her day went by as she usually does before. Your conversations become lesser and shorter than before.

  • She Doesn’t Care

She's no longer in love

She is emotionally unavailable when you need her most. She is never concerned about your well being. You aren’t important to her at all.

  • Shows No interests in your matters

She's no longer in love

She stops asking details about you which means she is not interested in you or your life anymore. Just listens and answers okay without questioning anything.

  • Contact become less frequent or has Stopped

She is always busy with something else; She will have time for other things and never gives you a minute of her day.

She spends less and lesser time communicating with you on a regular basis and then suddenly stops with no communication at all.

  • Distractions

She's no longer in love

She lives absent mindedly with you and talks about another guy and shows an overt interest. She stays close or initiates contact with an ex. You should know that a lady who is interested in you will be paying attention to you.

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  • Doesn’t care about future plan

She does not bring up the future. Even if you are not planning for a wedding and children, she will not plan for your next vacation or long weekend. Refuse to spend time with you.

  • Stops being nice with you

Her behavior changes for you fight generally and doesn’t listen to you.

  • Busy with Something/Someone

She's no longer in love

She ignores your company and spends time with her friends. Involves into unnecessary things just to show that she is busy to give time to you.

  • Other/Third Person

She's no longer in love

She is always busy with someone else; She will have time for other things and never gives you a minute of her day. Spends more time with the third person and ignores talking to you saying that she is tired and wants rest but later talks to that person.

So, if you she these changes in your girlfriends behavious towards you better handle the situation with care. Be clear and solve it.

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