Here’s how you can SAVE MONEY and ENJOY your life.

Trying to save up a few bucks? Sure, you could cut eating out or ditching expensive bad habits like smoking and start thinking for a consistent saving and a better standard of living. Many people are obsessed over ways to make more money but never thought of ways to not to waste money. When we earn money we like to give a reward to ourselves by purchasing unnecessary things. Have you ever wonder what if you cut down on your purchase for just one month, think about how much extra you would have to use in your investments, savings accounts and emergency funds. 

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Here some are habits of people who don’t realize that how they waste their money.


The big reason for the lost of cooking art is delivery services as well as restaurants.   If you’re looking for a solution to change your eating habits, do the math. 

Suppose you spend ₹50 per meal.  Might be you spend more but this is the minimum amount we can imagine. 

That’s ₹18000 per year, assuming that you eat out once per day. 
But if you replace those meals with home-cooked meals at an average cost of ₹20 and you will save ₹10800 per year. 

As you can see, eating out is a huge waste of money as well as food. This does not mean that you should never eat out, however you should try to cut back. So better cook and eat at home and save your money for future use. 


If you visit a grocery store most of them have either packed vegetables or fruits or chopped. For your convenience, they might be put in plastic bags or in beautiful containers. If you are buying any of them then you are just wasting your money on containers. Avoid chopped veggies and buy natural one. Always opt the whole carrots rather than chopped or heads of lettuce rather than bagged lettuce. This is also a healthier choice.


Obviously, we need a bank account because if we have to survive in a digital world. But what’s the use of that account which does not have money? Some banks charge just to have a checking account nowadays. They might only charge if you don’t keep a certain minimum amount which that bank expect from you. 

Also overlook your penalties and insufficient funds, as these can really add up over time. Stick to your budget to avoid paying in banks and start saving in your wallets.


When you know that you can save money by cutting down on expenses, then why are you wasting money on cables, cell phones or extra electric devices?

Do not plug in your laptop or mobile phone for too long. It can cost a lot on your electric bill. Then just look after your water or other policies bill where you can just cut back. 

This is how you can probably save money by cutting down on your monthly bills.


Easy? A lot. Amazing? Yeah, because you don’t see the money.

If you frequently use your credit or debit card to pay for things and you like it using as by pressing some buttons you purchase so many things and you don’t see the money. Then you must control yourself because the day will definitely come when you will pay a lump sum amount to the bank.

Start having cash in your wallet, this way you will think twice before using your money. Use a debit card and visit ATM to check your balance and other details. 

Only use credit cards when absolutely necessary, because many of them have high-interest rates.


If you are indeed a coffee lover and you cannot work before you don’t sip it then you must work out a lot in the morning. You could take up a habit like a morning run or yoga session to get the blood pumping in the morning.

If you are addicted to coffee then a lot of coffee machines are now available to preset your brew, so you can program it the night before to start brewing your coffee before you even wake up. This is how you can save big bucks over time. 


Yeah, we know people are fond of hot chic pants. But what if you are getting at cheaper price? If you are a brand freak then you are just wasting your money and spending more money on those items which have supplements. It’s not always right that quality clothes are expensive, better clothes will last longer when cared for properly. Still, shopping smarter can pay off.  Properly washing and drying your clothes will keep the colours and fabrics intact. 


Do people ask that do coupons save a little money? Yes, they do. If you are couponing to the things you already buy then you are saving extras for other purchases. Don’t miss out some good savings. Also, you can download apps to use coupons on everything from grocery to spa. Coupons are everywhere, so if you aren’t in the habit of using them, you’re wasting your money.


If you are not in a habit of having a budget then you are wasting your time as well as money. Make a blueprint of your financial situation so that you must be aware of your expenses as well as savings. 


Yes, we love to look flawless, but we can’t spend too much on our beauty by disturbing our budget. Opt for the product with fewer ingredients that you can actually pronounce- and own up to the fact that some of your own habits are contributing to your skin/hair/body odour issues.


If you are a student, then you are bounded with special discounts. You can save money in gym membership; as a lot of students are health-conscious, hotel bills; students tend to enjoy their birthday with their friends in hotel or buffet etc

Not only students, military or senior discounts are also available. So you can take advantage of these discounts and enjoy your savings.


If you have a habit of use and throw then change it quickly because you are wasting a lot in them. If you are using disposable razors which lose its sharpness pretty soon, then go for non-disposable razors in which you have to invest once and you can just change your blade which you can buy in bulk with good discounts. For ladies also this is useful, though it has labelled and marketed for men, they’re not gendered exclusive. So a woman can use it freely.

You can apply it on your deodorant and other products residue.

So, now you know some money-saving tips. You must implement in your life and you can see a lot more savings than usual. As money is a complex subject and everyone has different budget and incomes. However, these devices are universally applicable and can benefit anyone.

We hope these tips will help you and you will enjoy your life more with extra investments.

Bhavya Chhabra

a Mass Communication post graduate, Bhavya is expert enough to advise you for your healthy lifestyle and positive attitude. With experience in a national newspaper, she knows how to do research before writing any news feature/article. Her habits include surfing on the internet and learning new things. One can easily impress her with a slice of pizza.

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