Want to Know Ranjit Bawa: These Ranjit Bawa Facts, Hobbies, and Favorites Are Must to Remember

Ranjit Bawa is a well established Punjabi singer and is known for his folk singing. He is an excellent singer and great actor too. His acting was seen in his movie “Vekh Baraatan Challiyan“, where he played the role of a cousin of Binnu Dhillon. Ranjit Bawa played his part in movie brilliantly and is ready to hit the Pollywood with his upcoming movie “Bhalwan Singh“. He was a part of many Punjabi movies like Sarvan and Toofan Singh(was not released in India). Ranjit Bawa is a very good personality and his live abilities are unmatched. Now let’s talk about some Ranjit Bawa Facts. These Ranjit Bawa Facts are surely going to help you understand Ranjit Bawa in a good manner.

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Ranjit Bawa Facts

Ranjit Bawa Facts That Will Help You Understand Ranjit Bawa Better

The Ranjit Bawa facts are as follows:

1. Ranjit Bawa’s real name is Ranjit Bajwa.

2. He has struggled for a very long period of 15 years starting from 1999.

3. Ranjit Bawa was always fond of live shows. Whenever there was a live show around his village he uses to attend the live show and observe how an artist entertains the audience.

4. He was inspired to be a singer by his school Principal Mangal Singh. Mangal Singh used to motivate him and send him to attend school and district level festivals. Mangal Singh is not alive now but whenever Ranjit Bawa does a show he remembers him first.

Ranjit Bawa Facts

5. Ranjit Bawa takes inspiration for new songs from his fans. He always keeps fan suggestions in mind while selecting a song.

6. Once Ranjit Bawa used to stay in a flat in Mohali on rent. When his fans come to know that they started visiting him anytime they wanted. Irritated from this the flat owner requested Ranjit Bawa to change the flat. This was the most strange facts of all Ranjit Bawa facts.

7. Ranjit Bawa prefers villages more to live than cities. He likes Motor more than 5-star restaurants and Likes Kurta Pajamas more than Jeans.

Ranjit Bawa Hobbies

Ranjit Bawa hobbies include:-

  1. Travelling.
  2. Reading Books.
  3. Shopping.

Ranjit Bawa Facts

Ranjit Bawa Favorites

1. Favorite song among his own songs:- Sadi Vari Aun De.

2. Favorite Food:- Rajmah and Matar Paneer.

3. Favorite Singer:- Kuldeep Manak.

4. Favorite Shopping Place:- London.

5. Favorite Musical Instrument:- Harmonium.

6. Favorite Punjabi Movies:- Punjab 1984 and Carry on Jatta

7. Favorite Bollywood Movies:- Pan Singh Tomar and Lagaan.

8. Favorite Bollywood Actress:- Alia Bhatt.

9. Favorite Punjabi Actor:- Gaggu Gill.

10. Favorite Punjabi Actress:- Sonam Bajwa.

11. Favorite Travelling Place:- Vancouver.

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