11 Graduates Who Quit The Job to Follow Dreams

Graduating from top engineering and management schools is that it guarantees a corner office. IIT or IIM graduates always grab the most luxurious offers. But not every graduate sticks to the original job offer they were awarded and quit the job to follow dreams. Some graduates choose to go off track and choose for careers that are unconventional, but close to their hearts. Their passion drives them to follow their dreams by saying goodbye to their corporate jobs forever. Here is the list of some graduates who quit the job to follow dreams:

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1. Nitin Saluja

Saluja is the founder of popular chai brand, Chaayos. He graduated from IIT-Bombay but quit his job after discovering the passion for tea. The NCR-based café was subsequently opened, serving over 25 varieties of tea. Today, Chaayos competes with the most established café brands in the region.

Quit The Job to Follow Dreams

2. Prasoon Gupta

Prasoon Gupta is an IIT-Roorkee graduate with his five-year-old venture. He is a Tech Buddy Consulting and set up Sattviko in Delhi – an eatery that catered to the Sattvik lifestyles of people. His new venture serves cuisines from India and across the world including Mexican, American, and Italian. All the food is prepared without onion or garlic.

Quit The Job to Follow Dreams

3. Alok Sagar

Alok Sagar got his  M.Tech in Electrical Engineering from IIT-Delhi and earned his Ph.D. from Houston University, Texas. He returned to India to work at IIT-Delhi and even mentored Raghuram Rajan.Sagar soon quit his job to work for the people. He settled in Madhya Pradesh and line up himself with Shramik Adivasi Sangathan – an organization that fights for tribal rights.

Quit The Job to Follow Dreams

4. Garima Vishal

Garima Vishal is an IIM-Lucknow graduate and was working with Infosys when she realized her passion for true calling. She was disturbed by the lack of educational opportunities for children around her so, decided to open Dejawoo School of Innovation in Bihar. The schools work with a goal to educate children and give them the freedom of thought. The school employs are women who quit working after marriage along with professional teachers.

Quit their jobs to follow dreams

5. Ankita Kumawat

She is an IIM-Kolkata postgraduate and makes her mind to quit her job to become a dairy farmer in Ajmer. She gave up her corporate job to help her father, who opted voluntary retirement to open a dairy business. Ankita now handles Maatratav Dairy and Organic Food Company that provides people with pure and unadulterated food items.

Quit their jobs to follow dreams

6. Abhishek Singhania

Abhishek Singhania completed graduation from IIT-Madras in 2012 and went on to join PricewaterhouseCoopers in Mumbai. Soon he went to Saudi Arabia on a project for six months. After a couple of years, he quit his job to chase farming. Then he traveled India to work with farmers. He learned about natural farming and now lives and works in a village near Kolkata.

Quit jobs to follow their dreams

7. Divakar Sankhla

Divakar Sankhla is an IIM-Lucknow graduate. Sankhla co-founded Alohomora with Parinita, to empower young minds to make them the owners of their own learning. They set up Alohomora that creates project-based programmes to be implemented in government and NGO-run schools.

Quit jobs to follow their dreams

8. Munaf Kapadia

Munaf Kapadia did his MBA from Mumbai’s Narsee Monjee and landed a job at Google. During his time there, he felt quite annoyed with his mother watching boring television series. He then started Bohri Kitchen, a startup to make people taste the delicious meals his mother indulge his family with on the dinner table. The venture, that’s two years old now, treats foodies to a seven-course meal. The meal often frequented by the likes of Rani Mukerji, Ashutosh Gowariker, Farah Khan, and Huma Qureshi.

Quit their jobs to follow dreams

9. Shuvajit Payne

Shuvajit Payne has a Finance and Marketing degree from IIM-Lucknow and worked four years at IBM in London. But his inner calling brought him back to India to empower people living in remote villages. With the support of State Bank of India’s Youth for India programme, Payne received basic training. Then he was posted in Wardha district of Maharashtra. He worked extensively with NGOs to set up vocational training centers for villagers.

Quit jobs to follow dreams

10. Swati Kaushal

Swati Kaushal is an IIM-Kolkata graduate but left her high-paying corporate job to write books. Her passion for writing was so strong that she quit the job to follow dreams. She chose her first book over a lucrative job offer. Kaushal has authored three books since then – A Piece of Cake, A Girl Like Me, and Drop Dead.

Quit their jobs to follow dreams

11. Nihar Ranjan

Nihar Ranjan is an IIT-Kharagpur graduate and has a track record of working with multinationals across India and the US. Ranjan quit the job to follow dreams to work for the betterment of Odisha’s villagers. Earlier this year, he filed his nomination for Member of Panchayat Samiti in his native Dumuka gram panchayat. He wants to set up a dairy farm in his village to enable people to buy pure milk at cheaper rates.

quit their jobs to follow dreams

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