Ninja Facts That Prove Hard Work Pays Off One Day

“Ninja” the name hits the mind when someone listens to it. Today we will tell you some Ninja facts that will make you realize that hard work pays off. Ninja is a well known Punjabi Singer and Actor. He is known for his scale and singing ability. His songs like “Tera Chandigarh“, “Aadat“, “Athra Subah“, “Gal Jattan Wali“, etc are big hits of Punjabi Music Industry. Ninja has also worked as an actor in “Channa Mereya” which was a big hit. Ninja has struggled a lot before becoming a successful singer. The Ninja Facts are as follows:

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Ninja facts

Ninja Facts That Prove Hard Work Pays Off

1. Ninja’s original name is Amit Bhalla and was born in a village Dholewal. He is very much connected to his village as he has many memories there.

2. Gurudwaras have always been a source of positivity. Same applied to the life of Ninja as he used to visit the gurudwara near his house whenever he felt sad.

3. Gurpreet Singh Sahi, Sukhwinder, Yogi, Ajit Singh Channa, Vishal managed the first harmonium for Ninja when he needed harmonium for practice.

4. Amrit, a friend of Ninja introduced him to Harwinder Singh Bittu( Teacher of Ninja). When Amrit went to buy a Toombi(a musical instrument) at Prabhu Music House he met Harwinder Singh Bittu and told him to teach him and Ninja.

5. Harwinder Singh Bittu told Ninja how to play harmonium and taught him for free as he had no money to pay.

6. During his learning, once Ninja’s harmonium got damaged and he had no money to buy a new one. Then, Harwinder Singh Bittu gifted him a harmonium. Ninja still keeps that gifted harmonium with him.

7. Mandeep Singh, a classmate of Ninja first made him go on stage in a school audition. Ninja managed to get selected and due to the practice of singing, he failed in his +1 exams. This incident changed his whole life as further he became caption of bhangra team.

8. Ninja’s first song was “Annd Mannd Ka Tola” and was released in 2014. The song was a flop and the copyright issues were also there.

9. For the shoot of “Annd Mannd Ka Tola” Ninja needed some good clothes. So, Ninja along with Umesh Karmawala reached Sector-17 market and there in Jack&Jones showroom they saw an article priced Rs. 28,000. Umesh bought Ninja that article and after some days Ninja and Umesh went to store for buying a milk bottle for Umesh’s daughter who was only six months old. The price of the bottle was around Rs. 2500-3000 and Umesh said that they need money for the shoot and didn’t buy that bottle. This is the reason why Ninja respects Umesh Karmawala so much.

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10. With the hit of “Pindaan Wale Jatt” Ninja became a star. Now the problem was that Ninja was getting show offers and he only had an Activa and WagonR. Whenever he has to go on a show he used to park the vehicle at a distance from destination place and go walking to the destination.

Ninja facts

11. Ninja was hired during the promotion of “Goreyan Nu Daffa Karo”. During promotion at LPU when Amrinder gill called all artists on stage Ninja was standing beside him and suddenly crowd started shouting “Ninja Ninja” and after that Ninja has to sing once again and the crowd was on their feet.

12. After the incident that happened at LPU the producers of “Goreyan Nu Daffa Karo” decided not to take Ninja with them for promotions.

13. Ninja’s “Annd Mannd Ka Tola” was a huge flop and due to that, no company was giving its banner for Ninja’s new song. So they started a page named Karma Entertainment and a Biscuit company owned by Rakesh Rohilla sponsored Ninja’s next track.

14. During his struggle time, Ninja used to drive a 3-wheeler and also did a job of milkman for Verka.

15. Ninja created a song for his father having lines as:

“Bapu mera vechda c reela kudiye,

Ajj putt ohda reel laike muhre aa gya”.

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