Heart Melting Story of Mizoram Boy, Who Mistakenly Ran Cycle Over Chicken and Took It to Hospital With All the Money He Had

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We know that kids have the purest heart and that we can all see it through their actions. They are not just the cutest but also are extremely kind untouched of any filth or corruption. Their innocence speaks for them, and they make us believe in humanity every time.

A recent case that acts as a perfect example is this little boy from Mizoram who accidentally ran cycle over his neighbor chicken but didn’t run away from the situation, in fact, the guilt-ridden boy took whatever money he had and rushed to a nearby hospital. This incredibly kind boy’s picture is doing rounds on the internet, and the picture will tell you the complete story. In the picture, you can see this boy with the cutest guilty expression and little money in one hand and the baby chicken on the other.

mizoram boy

The picture and story were shared by Sanga Say on Tuesday with a caption that reads: “As per Reports: This young boy from Sairang, Mizoram, accidentally ran over neighbor’s chicken with his cycle. He took the chicken, ran to the nearest hospital and with all the money he had, asked for help.

As per Reports: This young boy from Sairang, Mizoram, accidentally ran over his neighbour's chicken. He took the…

Posted by Sanga Says on Tuesday, April 2, 2019

We find it interesting enough to share with other people. I suggest that adults need to understand from this young boy.


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