Who is Jagmeet Singh And Why He is in NEWS?: Everything You Should Know

Who is Jagmeet Singh? Why is he in NEWS? Jagmeet Singh is the name in everyone’s mouth and everyone wants to know about him. Jagmeet led the fundraising campaign for the party since joining the race in last May. He won the decisive first-ballot victory over three other candidates by receiving 53.6 percent of the vote. Singh is a 38 years old Sikh lawyer and is the first to become a non-white politician to head a major political party in Canada. He is elected as the leader of the country’s New Democratic Party (NDP) to lead it into the 2019 election against Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s Liberals.

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Who is Jagmeet Singh

Early Life of Jagmeet Singh

Jagmeet Singh was born in 1979 in Scarborough, Ontario. His parents are immigrants of Punjab who migrated to Canada. Singh obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in biology from the University of Western Ontario in 2001. He also obtained a Bachelor of Laws degree from York University’s Osgoode Hall Law School in 2005. His first encounter with politics was during his law school days when he campaigned against rising tuition fees.

Discrimination that Jagmeet Singh Faced

Singh has often mentioned about being bullied and targeted for his “funny sounding name, brown skin, and long hair”. He on his website adds “I also realized I wasn’t alone. I saw kids around me, kids no less capable, no less worthy of respect and dignity, who was not in a position to follow their dreams. Just because their families couldn’t afford it. That struck me as incredibly unfair.”

Who is Jagmeet Singh

On Canada’s Multiculturalism Day, Singh tweeted how he felt “there was something wrong” with him and how his “turban and beard evoked a reaction in every room” he went. Known for his sharp dressing style. Singh talked about fashion becoming his “social armor”, which insulated him from some of the negativity he faced.
In an interview with American magazine GQ, Singh elaborated on how his personal style — his colorful turbans and tailor-made three-piece suits — became a part of his political brand.

Jagmeet Singh and NDP

In September this year, Singh gained global attention after a video from his campaign event. ‘Jagmeet and Greet’, went viral on social media. The video showed a woman heckling Singh about the Muslim Brotherhood and the Sharia law, after interrupting his speech. Singh ignored the racial comments aimed at him and tried to diffuse the situation. He answered the woman with his campaign motto of ‘love and courage’.

Who is Jagmeet Singh

Singh led the fundraising campaign for the party since joining the race last May. He won the decisive first-ballot victory over three other candidates by receiving 53.6 percent of the vote on Monday. He has been praised by supporters as someone who could bring new life to NDP, which has struggled since its former leader Jack Layton passed away in 2011. Singh has spent many years defending refugees and immigrants and entered politics in 2011 by running as an MPP with the NDP in Bramalea-Gore-Malton, Ontario.  He has also served as the Deputy Leader of the Ontario NDP.

In the general election that year, the party had made historic gains but lost almost a million votes — mostly to Trudeau’s Liberals — four years later. After the victory, Singh tweeted, “Thank you, New Democrats. The run for Prime Minister begins now,” officially launching his campaign “to be the next Prime Minister of Canada.”

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