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Ram Se Bane Raavan-Gaurav Nagpal
“You are never too young to dream big”

The market of young artists in Chandigarh is thriving nowadays. These young artists are an inspiration to large masses of youth. They set an example for the youth to follow their dreams. In order to discover what makes them unique and what is the foundation of their success story at such a young age, Our Punjabi Droll team contacted a very renowned artist of the Punjabi industry – Gaurav Nagpal

gaurav nagpal

Who is Gaurav Nagpal?

Gaurav Nagpal a very famous Punjabi artist while talking to Punjabi Droll revealed he doesn’t have an army of assistant or managers, nor any godfather in the industry instead he has a strong back of encouraging family, friends, and above all his supporters. His journey started with the role of Lord Rama in theatre play during his school days but now he is famous for negative roles in the industry.

His projects include – ‘Hikk Vich Jaan by Gippy Grewal’, ‘Bad company by Ranjit Bawa’, Gulaab by Dilpreet Dhillon’, ‘Peg dee washna by Amrit Mann’, and many more. He is a graduate of DAV college Chandigarh. Fun fact – His workout videos are always trending on Instagram explores and many other platforms but just like most of us he is a foodie and messes up his diet but then he makes sure to make a balance by burning the calorie intake.

‘Pardes’ was his first project which was given to him by one of the best and senior director of the industry ‘Robby Singh’ who selected him from his pics on the internet. Scroll Down to know more about Gaurav Nagpal- The Youth Icon.

1. What is your style statement?

If you like it wear it! I am not much of a trend follower! I wear what I feel comfortable in and something that compliments my personality!

2. Who is your celebrity crush?

Crush that is not my type! If I like someone I like them for their work but Kriti Sanon and Jacquline both are my favorite.

3. How can someone seek your attention?

In today’s date, I have seen many people try to seek attention by doing weird or dumb stuff! But what attracts me is YOU being YOU! Being yourself is something very attractive and confident move! I like that!

4. Will you date a fan?

First of all! I don’t call them my fans, they are my supporters, my family, I love them all as much as they love me! also if there will be someone I feel that we have compatibility! I surely will give it a thought!

5. If you are the last person on this planet what will you do?

Will definitely think of a way to start a life on earth till my last breath! I will work in every possible way to save the world so that it doesn’t come to an end!

6. Your favourite project of yours?

Anakhi by Amar Sehmbi

7. Your annoying habit?

I eat junk and then blame it on my friends or family that it’s because of you my diet is messed up!

8. What would be the theme song of your life ?

Zindagi ik safar hai suhaana

9. Have you ever dealt with performance anxiety?

No. Fortunately I have always had faith in myself! That makes me feel confident about everything I started with! I feel that if I can think of doing something I can definitely do it! it is very accurately said that IF YOU CAN THINK, YOU CAN DO IT!

10. Your Message to the youth?

“Never underestimate your self-respect, I request all the youth who give money to get into an album to abstain doing that and let the hard work speak”
He further appeals all the parents through Punjabi Droll to recognize and support their child’s talent like his parents did make them join theatre clubs so that they get the contacts and are able to polish themselves.

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