Awesome Facts of Monsoon, We bet you didn’t know.

India is the only country where we enjoy each season with an ample portion. When it is winter we wait for Spring, when it’s Spring we wait for Summer, when it’s summer we wait for Autumn and when it’s autumn we wait for Winter. Likewise, it goes on. Each season has its own essence and value. We must know about the facts of monsoon.

facts of monsoon

As we all are enjoying the monsoon now. Also, it’s not just rainfall. Therefore, we should obviously know the meaning and facts of monsoon.

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It is the season that refers to the seasonal change in existing wind direction which takes place in a different part of the world. These winds follow a path from a colder to a warmer region leading to the wet and dry season covering much of the tropics. 

Monsoon is of two types:- 

Summer Monsoon & Winter Monsoon

Indeed at this time, we are rejoicing in the summer monsoon. It takes place from mid- June and lasts till end September. It is an event in which there is heavy rain, winds, lightning, thunderstorms and especially Humidity.

 In order to know more, Monsoons have some advantages and disadvantages. It is dangerous as well as life-giving to the people of the southwest. Let’s browse the facts of monsoon

  • The First and foremost fact of monsoon is that it measured that there are almost 500,000 lightning hits during Monsoon.
  • The word Monsoon arises from the Arabic word ‘Mausim’ which means a ‘shift in wind or season’. 
  • Many parts of the country depend upon the monsoon for harvest, for human life or for animals. Moreover when it doesn’t occur it may result in scarcity for both human beings and animals.
  • India is the only country which experiences the most astonishing monsoon in the world.
  • The monsoon system which is an experience in Europe is known as ’Return of Westerlies’.
  • Heavy rainfall that is monsoon occurs from mid-June to September end that is from June 15 to September 30 each year, whether it is the United States or Southwest Texas or Arizona. 
  • We face many threats during Monsoon like heavy rainfall, thunderstorms, wind blow, extreme heat which causes wildfires, flash floods.
  • Most of the cropping relies heavily on the monsoon for irrigation and if it doesn’t occur then it will affect the income of the farmers.
  • The incredible fact of monsoon is that it blows from cold regions to warmer regions.

Precautions you should be aware of during Monsoon:

Update Yourself

Firstly, it is very important to know the facts of monsoon that we must have time to time updating from the meteorological department. Therefore we should always stay connected with TV reports, radio announcers and the internet about the weather forecast.

Snip the trees

As we all know that anytime heavy wind blows throughout this season which affects the trees, better cut the dead limbs of trees before the season starts. So it will be very beneficial for the people who roam near the trees. That’s why it’s important to snip the trees.

Prepare Handy kit

Every family should always prepare our handy kit before the monsoon occurs. The kit must contain battery, torches, non-perishable food and enough water, medications, first aid kit and other things that you don’t want to lose. 

Flood Safety

If you live near a flood-prone area then it is always best to take an evacuation plan to the place because flood occurs during monsoon. Try to move your essential to the top floor and turn off the main switches to protect yourself from lightning and thunder. 

Clean your gutters and tiptoe your roofs

Before the monsoon arrives, do check your roofs that it’s not leaking and is in tiptop shape. If it’s alright then your primary safety is done. Furthermore, clear your gutters from dried leaves or other wastes so that rainwater gets the way to flow easily and aware about this crucial fact of monsoon.

Final Thought on the Facts of Monsoon

So these are some advantages, disadvantages, precautions carried and facts of monsoon. Be safe and enjoy the monsoon. Happy Monsoon!

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