Popular Gym Exercises that are Waste of Time

Gymming is now a part of the schedule for most of us. Trainers recommend us various types of exercises but some of them are just waste of time. In this article, we are discussing some Popular Gym Exercises that are waste of time. We have to be careful while doing every exercise because the wrong posture can cause injuries. Do exercises keeping right posture in mind and under the guidance of coaches. All exercises have different effects on our muscles but some of the exercises don’t benefit much. We have listed some popular gym exercises that are waste of time and you better find an alternative of these exercises.

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Here is the list of Exercises that are waste of time:

1. Mountain Climbers.

This Exercise helps you improve your cardio and work out your abdominal muscles but benefits seem to come at a high risk. So this exercise is one of the exercises that are waste of time and is an invitation to injuries.

Your wrists and shoulders have to face an unnecessary strain during this exercise, while a bad posture can also often lead to injuries in your lower back. Safe alternative to mountain climbers is single leg planks. By holding one leg up during the exercise you make sure your core muscles get all the action.

2. Supermans.


Arnold explained, this exercise allows a very small range of motion and you just can’t gradually increase load without hurting yourself. But a wrong posture while doing this routine can often lead to injuries in the lower back.

3. Upright Rows.

Upright rows execises that are waste of time

This exercise can’t be called a waste of time, but it can be harmful to your shoulders. This exercise puts stress on your shoulder joints, as it requires your arms to rotate while holding a load. The safe alternative to this exercise is dumbbell front raises. It’s a much safer exercise and it lets you work out your chest, too.

4. Crunches.


Studies have shown that crunches don’t make abs stronger but you can easily hurt your lower back during this workout.

A much more effective alternative to crunches is planks. This isometric exercise and help you work out your back safely, along with your shoulders and arms. It helps you reduce your waistline and improve your overall posture, as you’re required to stabilize the spine.

5. Standing Calf Raises.

Standing Calf Raises

In this exercise your shoulders and your back the ones that will be doing all the heavy lifting when doing this exercise. Your calves, on the other hand, won’t be doing much exercise at all.

6. Standing Chest Flies

Standing Chest Flies

Chest flies are very popular but need to be handled with care. Standing chest flies are not bad exactly, but the problem is they just don’t help you work out your chest at all. A good alternative to this is the chest-press machine and the pec deck.

7. Abductor Machine

Abductor Machine exercises that are waste of time

This exercise is most popular among women, this machine is generally used for the purpose of removing fat from the inner and outer thighs. You simply can’t spot reduce fat. Besides, you’re working out muscles that won’t help you all that much in your daily activities.


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