10 Easy Ways to Cope with Depression

Did you feel uneasiness and cranky in the last 2-3 months sitting at home? Do you find difficulty in focusing on your work or find drowsiness? This is something which we called ‘Social Isolation fatigue‘. Have you ever thought about why this would happen? In this article, you will find out 10 useful ways to cope up during lockdown.

There are endless numbers of reasons. Anxiety, Stress, Depression, irritability, hopelessness, lethargy, lack of patience, distrust people around you, panic attacks, food cravings, lack of motivation are some problems which we faced at home during isolation. Scroll down to know easy ways to cope up during lockdown.

But it is also very important to stay at home during the pandemic as Corona virus is increasing day by day. However, sitting at home is not easy and we face difficulties and it certainly affects our mental health.

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How are people bearing up in Lockdown?

If you are feeling any of the problems mentioned above then here are some ways to overcome Social Isolated Fatigue by sitting at home or working from home or you may seek professional help if it expands. 

As we all know social media is helping a lot during the COVID period. It helps in disseminating and socializing, though it doesn’t entirely fill the gap of existence and still, people feel lonely and cabin fever staying at home. People miss being roaming around with their friends, family and loved ones, they miss going out to parties and functions, they miss fancy dinners with their lovers.

People are connected with WhatsApp, Zoom, Microsoft, Face Time but somehow they are losing the touch they had before. It’s not the same as sitting together and having fun. The new normal is hitting hard on everyone. There are many ways to cope up during lockdown.

Washing hands, again and again, sanitizing grocery and other products or sitting at home doing nothing are some new habits which we have to accept forever. This new behavior is creating an issue in mental health. Public health experts say that a great deal of quarantine fatigue comes from the ”intangible rewards”. 

It’s a challenge now to stay sane at home as human beings are social animals and we need someone or the other to be with us. Many people do not find any productive while staying at home. We usually take hints from other people about what they are doing like cooking, crafting, painting etc. If we look after social media, we can see the people are actually fed up from quarantine and they are defeated attaining their hobbies. 

Realize and accomplish your essential needs, then your wants, It will help you to cope up during lockdown

It is clearly seen that social isolation is influencing our lives. Our mental, physical and emotional health is largely impacted. We lost ourselves in order to defeat our social isolation fatigue.

Therefore, we should eat healthily, stay fit, exercise daily, learn something different, take care of yourself and others, stick with your routine. 

Following are the easy ways to cope up during lockdown:

1. Eat Healthy

Eating healthy food on time is the best thing we are perpetrating for our body. Our constant habit has a strong impact on our happy life. Paper diet and the right amount of nutrition helps our body to energize and helps us motivate.

2. Keep yourself Fit

As the food is vital for our body the same as the exercise. We should not ignore our physical health. It is as important as doing work in the office. To keep our mental health in the state, we should look after our physical health.

Exercise helps in battling fatigue and anxiety. Even it’s few jumping jacks, push-ups, sit-ups, squats or fast running helps you to bend out of the resting mind. Also, yoga is very helpful in meditating and respiration, as it says yoga is the best medicine for every problem. 

3. Learn new trends

Don’t become like zombies doing anything just like eating minds, either learn something new or engage yourself in a productive way. Read some books, watch good movies, spend time with your family, cook food for your family, or try picking up new hobbies which helps you to beat your drowsiness.

4. Avoid Binge-watch

Lockdown has made people engage with OTT platforms from Netflix to MX players. We have a subscription for everything. But watching continuously without caring for your health or for your routine will not only affect your eyes but also your body.

You will have body ache and other severe problems. Take a break from time to time, walk around and shift equipment. 

5. Avoid watching 24/7 news

Do not stick in front of the TV and watch only news to get updates of COVID. Instead of that check some trusted channels and only read important points. The positive side of news which says that we get information 24/7 has some negative effects now.

We should create a positive environment for ourselves to get motivated and fine. Update yourself by going through your news feed twice or thrice a day to know what is going around the world. 

6. Stay Connected with your Friends and loved ones

As it is rightly said that communicating with people helps in overcoming our pain, stress and anxiety. So we should never forget that there is someone or the other who is missing us and wants us to be healthy and happy.

Never ignore anyone and sit around alone. Video Call your friends and violate the digital divide. Though we miss parties and fun but don’t forget that you still have good video call apps to stay active. So, instead of texts and messages, video call them.

7. Divert your mind

It is said that an empty mind is the home of the devil. So engage in those work which pleases you. Take advantage of leisure time and a slow pace. Absorb your mind in good activities. Try something which you haven’t tried earlier. Do some art, painting, crafting, show your skills and enhance them.

Always think positive as it will help to stabilize your mind and keep you encouraged. The moment you get negative everything will flood out of your hands. So stay optimistic.

8. Go outside

As we are aware of bad times of COVID-19 and it is strictly said to stay at home but if you feel some kind of anxiety then go outside, get some fresh air, boost your mind and don’t forget to wear your mask and social distance from others at-least of 6 feet. Move around but do no go to the crowded place.

9. Mind-fullness

To be mindful is the another important way to cope up during lockdown. As more and more time we spend staying at home alone, be aware of what you are doing, what you will be doing and don’t be overly reactive and stressed-out about what’s going around us.

You must be familiar of the present moments. But don’t get too involved in the information that it affects your mental health. So be mindful and careful. 

10. Do introspection

Don’t waste your time just by sitting and thinking. Work out as much as you can so that after 20 years you don’t feel regret that you got so much time and you just wasted it. As we all know COVID has given a lot of Time.

Time to slow down. Time to breathe. Time to live your life.
We should take it as an opportunity to relive and introspect ourselves. 


After conducting all the activities and you still feel that you are in depression or anxiety then do consult some professional. Share your problems or whatever you are feeling to the person whom you can trust and who can urge you. 

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