Diljit and Badhshah had an amusing moment in Coffee with Karan Show. Check out a few beautiful secrets revealed.

Coffee with Karan is one of the very boring shows we will see. Recently we came to know that Punjabi Superstar Diljit Dosanjh and rapper Badshah will be the guest in the show as a result, we watched it in the hope to get something interesting out of it, and surprisingly we got something. Scroll down to see, what we have to share with you.

Pic Credit: Karan Johar’s Instagram Account

Diljit Dosanjh and Badshah answered following questions.

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1. Diljit prayers to be famous and work for it every single day.

2. Diljit was sure about his studies way before than Badshah

3. Diljit shared his funny story of flying in first class

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4. Badshah shared his experience of life’s first live perfomance

5. When Diljit again faced a question about Kylie.

6. Diljit trying to escape out of the question

7. Badshah’s Honesty

8. Diljit as the Sakht Launda

9. Diljit couldn’t answer the basic question about his celebrity crush Kylie

10. At last, Diljit happily accepted defeat. English is not a cup of Punjabi Cha :p

Overall, it was an awesome episode to see but not at all interesting to watch everyday. Please connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram to stay updated with everything we share.


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