How To Improve Memory Power? Know These 12 Easy Ways To Increase your Memory Power

Most of the time, it happens when you forget things or you don’t recollect it. It starts to arise when you get older. Also, people are inclined to worry about their future that they will lose their memory.  There is no harm. It is normal for everyone. But if it’s too frequent them it may cause problems. Scroll down to know how to improve memory power.

Moreover, it becomes a matter of concern as you are no longer live independently or alone. Some people are worry to hoe to improve their memory power. Now as we all know that country is developing as a technology.

how to improve memory power

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Scientists are doing research and learning more about the incredible facts of the brain and the capacity to change and grow new neural connections each day, even in old age. This is known as neuroplasticity. It is discovered that memory cannot be fixed but it is flexible like plastic.

We can increase memory power naturally. We need to do brain exercise, eat healthy food, take less stress, be mindful and many more. In the following article, we will learn how to improve memory power.

Here are ways to increase or improve memory power naturally

1. Train your brain

Firstly it is very important to train your brain by challenging yourself with situations or learn something new every time. Like your body workout, you also need a brain work out.

It can be done by Playing mind games, learning new dance forms, learning different languages, commanding your brain, and learning different skills to bolster your brain potential. People who have short memory loss can apply all these brain exercises, it helps them to retain things.

2. Exercise daily

People suffering from short memory loss or Alzheimer disease shall start doing aerobics or exercising. It not only has an impact on your health but on your brain also. Also, people can do running, swimming, brisk walking or dancing.

Exercising has been proven as the best for cognitive benefits. It helps to increase the number of cells in the hippocampus.

3. Socialize yourself

As we all know that humans are a social animal. We cannot live alone for our whole life. We need someone to talk, to share our feelings, to discuss our day to day activities.

 Also when we know that we have someone to support us during our thick and thin, then our emotions get stronger and the brain gets active. So the people who socialize have been confirmed as the slowest memory fall.

4. Meditation

Meditation is very helpful for our brain. It benefits us to improve our memory. Meditation not only improves brain function but also helps in long term memory retention.

Meditation and relaxation methods have been shown to enhance short term memory in people all the ages. It enhances spatial working memory.

5. Get proper sleep

When we do not sleep properly and don’t get enough rest then it may affect our memory. Sleep plays an important role in strengthening our memory and adapting into a long-lasting memory.

 Research has proven that when we learn something and then take a nap it is very noticeable that we retain it faster.

So next time have a good night’s sleep after learning or after studying.

6. Visualize things

Many people retrieve things after visualizing. You must pay attention to the photographs, flashcards, or graphics in your books. If you don’t get any visuals then start creating your own.

Psychologists say that numbers or figures are more effective than the alphabets.

7. Stay fit and healthy

A healthy body is very important. It is one of the reasonable ways to keep your body and mind in top ailment. A person is said to be healthy when he/she is healthy mentally, socially and physically.

When you are not healthy it may cause changes in your memory associated genes in the brain and ultimately affect your memory.

8.  Drink limited alcohol

Do not consume extremely alcoholic beverages. It can impact on your health as well as in your memory. Drinking frequently affects the brain and results in memory deficits.

But if you drink occasionally then it’s alright but limit yourself to it.

Nowadays young people also consume alcohol, and studies have shown that they have poor school performance because they do not remember things and can not retain them.

9. Readout loud (ROL)

Research disclosed that the one who learns or reads out loud and avoids cramming has better chances of retaining things more for a long period.   Reading and recalling actually helps in enhancing your mind. Learn new concepts of study and acquire them.

10. Don’t google

As we all are living in the 21st century or in a digital world where we can get everything from Google. But it is a very wrong method as we become dependent and do not try to learn things. It also weakens our creativity and psyche level.

Earlier people knew each and everything on their fingertips but now if we ask anyone to tell their parent’s mobile number they do not know. So this is very bad.

We must broaden our mind, read things, imagine things, and write to them. It helps to widen our mind and helps improve our memory.

11. Have a proper diet

Everyone must follow balanced diet charts and reduce eating more sugar. As sugar affects our memory and reduces brain volume. Moreover cutting back sugar helps your memory but also improves your overall health.

12. Keep stress away

The very first thing is to keep a check on your stress. Do not worry about small things. Overtime and chronic disease ruin your brain cells and damages your hippocampus. Try taking breaks to express your emotions instead of storing them up, focus on task ok time, set a target for yourself, give rewards to yourself and meditate during your free time.

So these are some tips which help you to improve your memory power. Exercising daily, mindfulness meditation, consuming more caffeine, reducing sugar products, earn acronyms, involve as many send as possible, pay attention to information which is difficult to learn and try to remember them by rehearsing loudly, relate information to what you already know, if you have any physical problem try working on that, have some good laugh and stay away from stress.

If you follow these ways you will definitely see the result that your memory actually improves.

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Interesting, Easy & Quick Hairstyles When You are in a Hurry

Do you know which is the most crucial part of our body? Hair. It is the most important and the only part which reflects the personality of an individual. Also, the one who always think that we should concentrate on our skin, face and physique to look gorgeous, are forgetting about their hair care. The first thing which we see in others is hair. Therefore, it must look sassy and audacious. In this article, we are sharing some easy hairstyles for girls who have no time. Scroll down to see the options of Hairstyles When You are in a Hurry.

Hairstyles When You are in a Hurry.

Generally, we are too lazy to tie our hair in the best way possible. So we just roll them up or just lose them or open them. We think anything will be fine which just suits our face until we look terrible. Yes, you are right but it is very important to know that you are missing out the opportunity to enhance your beauty and personality by not choosing the appropriate hairstyles.  

It is necessary to remember that gone are those days, 19th or 20th century when we have to stand in front of the mirror for hours to get the perfect hairstyle.  Nowadays, we all want to look beautiful and fierce and also girls prefer easy and quick hairstyles to cope up during hectic and tight schedules.

So if you are lazy-AF then we have our hairstylist Laksha Taneja from FacesbyLaksha (Instagram Id) dishes out the best easy and quick hairstyle to do when you are in a hurry. 

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There are 14 easy and quick Hairstyles When You are in a Hurry.

1. Braided low ponytail 

hairstyles for girls,

Low ponies are our favourite laid-back hairstyle. Separate your hair into three sections and French braid from the back of your head. Secure with an elastic in a low pony. Wrap a section of hair around the elastic and pin to secure. Curl bottom pieces of the pony for extra sophistication.

2. Braided bun

easy hairstyles for girls for wedding

Elevate your day-to-day hairstyle for school with this classic look. Part your hair down the middle and French braid both sides down to the base of your neck. Wrap each side of the hair in a bun. Secure with elastics.

3. Scrunchies low ponytail

hairstyles for girls short hair

Give your hair a spa day by leaving it in a simple low ponytail. Gather all your hair at the base of the neck and secure it with a patterned scrunchies.

4. Half up half down braided bun

hairstyles for girls with short hair

The half-up-half-down hairstyle is the best way to fake an elaborate look. For this hairstyle, simply grab three sections of hair on both sides and braid. Take each braid and bring them together in the back. Bunch remaining hair into a bun and secure with an elastic.

5. Top knot 

hairstyles for girls easy

The top knot is our tried and true hairstyle to get us through everything from late nights studying for exams to oversleeping our alarms. Gather all your hair at the crown of your head. Comb out all bumps and secure with an elastic. Wrap the ponytail around the base and wrap another elastic around. Pin bun to head with bobby pins.

6. The half up-do, or man bun

hairstyles for girls kids

Perfect for those of you with thick hair which is painful when completely tied up, this is a quick and easy way to get a section of the hair out of the way. You just need to take the front part of your hair at the crown, brush it backwards, and pull it into a half top-knot, leaving the hair at the back of the head remain loose.

7. A messy ponytail or bun with headband or scarf to accessories it

hairstyles for girls step by step

If your hair is dry, dirty, messy, or generally shapeless, this is the easiest way to make it look cuter than it is. A boho-chic look, this can be done using a scarf that you can tie into a bow, or using a ready-made headband. The best way to do it, if you ask us, is by creating a parting in the front 1/4th part of the crown and then tying the rest of the portion at the back into a loose and messy ponytail or bun. Then, place the headband or scarf where the parting ends and the portion of hair tied backwards begins. This will help your headband stay in place better.

8. Classic & Easy braided curls

hairstyles for girls for school

The easiest cheat code for heatless curls is tying damp hair into braids and then letting it set into that shape overnight. If you do this, you’ll wake up with curls.

9. The classy middle parted low bun

cute hairstyles for girls long hair

Sabyasachi’s favorite hairstyle isn’t that hard to recreate. All you need is hair oil or serum, a hair tie, and a fine-toothed comb. To make the bun, you just need to middle-part your mane, comb it down towards the sides, and tie it into a bun at the nape of your neck. Pat down any flyaway with any hair serum and use a fine-toothed comb to make your strands sit in a sleek, mess-free, silky way.  

10. Side part Accessorized with barrettes

hairstyles for girls with braids

Feeling too lazy to tie up your hair? No problem. Just go for a deep side-part, and secure either side with a big, statement barrette. such hair clips are a huge trend right now. So you’ll still look like you put in a lot of effort!

11. Braided twisted front

hairstyles for girls with curly hair

We love easy braided hairstyles for work. Here’s a game-changing trick, especially if your bangs aren’t quite cooperating today: French braid or two-strand twist your hair from one temple to the other side, then secure the end with a hair pin or small elastic near the ear on the other side. Use a touch of hairspray to hold the style in place if you’re prone to slippage.

12. Scarf braid

hairstyles for girls black

This runway-ready style looks so incredibly chic and it’s surprisingly easy to recreate. Secure a low ponytail with one end of a silk scarf (you can use a hair elastic underneath for extra security, especially if your hair is particularly slippery). Split the ponytail into two sections on either side of the remaining tail of the scarf and start braiding the scarf with the two sections of hair until you reach the bottom. When about an inch or two of scarf remains, tie it around the hair that’s left. You can leave the braid hanging loose or twist the scarf braid around itself to secure it in a low bun.

13. Reverse Dutch braid

hairstyles for girls with bangs

Take a section of hair towards one side of your face and begin braiding this section into a reverse dutch braid. Optional: For additional volume in the braid, you can stack two 1-clip wefts in the same section of hair prior to braiding. 

14. Fishtail pigtails

hairstyles for girls with weave

Step 1. Part your hair down the middle and section your hair off into two. Secure both sections of hair into low pigtails.
Step 2. Fishtail braid each section of hair and secure with an elastic.
Step 3. Fan out the braid to make it more full and voluminous.

Now no need to worry about your hairdo. You can look glorious and beautiful by following these easy and quick ways of hairstyles when you are in a hurry.   

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5 Tips For Final Year Students To Utilize Time In This Lockdown

If someone really suffers in this Lockdown he /she surely be the doctor, business person and a final year student. First of all doctor and business persons will find out something because of their skills/experience but what about the final year students even if they have skills nobody will recruit them as they are stuck at last semester exams which will decide their fate. Scroll down to see how you can utilize time in this lockdown.

utilize time in this lockdown

As per the UGC’s revised guidelines their future is at stake as the commission wants to conduct exams at the end of September. Now the petition is filed against this decision of UGC in Supreme Court. But one thing is very clear that UGC is not at all serious about the health of the young generation.

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Health and Sanitization related laws fall under State List that is why most of the regional universities cancelled exams e.g. Delhi, Haryana, And Punjab but as we know that Higher Education falls under concurrent list because of which all state and central universities are obligatory to UGC’s guidelines. But in all these things students are facing mental and family pressure.

So to remove this stress we have something for you, all you need is an Internet connection. You can utilise this time in learning and earning at the same time.

Interesting ways to utilize time in this lockdown are as follows:


Founded in 2010 by IIT Madras Alumnus, has now become the host of almost 3.5 million students and more than 80,000 companies which offer suitable paid or unpaid internships to students and other learners. These internships differ from person to person choice. Some of them are on location while others fall into the work from home category.

Nowadays due to lockdown and threat of the COVID-19 Pandemic, students can join work from home paid or unpaid training according to their interests easily. All you have to do is go to Internshala portal, register yourself, fill your interests, select a suitable internship program for yourself and apply for it.

If found eligible, you will soon receive a message from the recruiting body and work starts. Earning money along with a certificate and that too by sitting on a couch at home is something that a final year semester student requires at this point of time.


Now days Internet is flooded with webinars like never before. Many experts and teachers provide their guidance to learners through online seminars cum meetings with the help of applications like Zoom, Google meet, Microsoft Teams etc. One would easily grasp and learn skills by attending these webinars according to his/her interest. Most of these are free and only requires good net connectivity.

If you are free and not doing anything sufficient in your academics this lockdown period is an opportunity for you specially for the students of terminal semester to acquire new skills and techniques which would help them to meet the eligibility criteria of their dream job. Most of the times e-certificate will also be provided by the organizing body which in future help you to strengthen your resume.


LinkedIn is an American business and employment-oriented online service that operates via websites and mobile apps. It is mainly used for professional networking, including employers posting jobs and job seekers posting their CVs.

Students who are wasting their precious time in waiting for their final exams must make their LinkedIn Id and make connections according to their core job competency. As of May 2020, LinkedIn had 690+ million registered members in 150 countries.

LinkedIn allows members (both workers and employers) to create profiles and “connections” to each other in an online social network, which may represent real-world professional relationships. Users will automatically receive the job notifications on their wall through which they can apply easily if interested for work.


Education is something that is becoming digital day by day. Many new startups are emerging from this sector. Unacademy, Study IQ, Sleepy Classes, Wi-fi study etc. are some of the prominent online learning platforms. If you want to teach students or competition aspirants then this is a one stop solution for you.

You are paid according to your course and no.of enrolments in your course. For this, you have to create one or two demo lecture videos and upload them to the above platforms while applying for a job of an educator. If get shortlisted, you will be contacted by the respected staff of these firms.

This is really a unique work opportunity for terminal year students as they get the chance of earning money along with valuable teaching experience and it also makes you in touch with studies.


If you have special kind of talent and skill which you want to highlight in front of public solely without the help of any intermediary body, then creating a YouTube channel of your own is so far the best option for you. Many persons who are fed up with their regular jobs or who want to do something unique in their life are showcasing their talent through YouTube.

To be a YouTuber, first, you have to make a channel or account on YouTube and then shoot your video. After shooting edit it with the help of software and upload it on your channel. One would create a channel according to his particular talent genre like vlogging/ standup comedy/reaction video/ cookery/travelling/ gaming etc.  

During initial days, you have to struggle with views and shares but if your content is good and you are consistent then you easily attract eyeballs and get successful on this platform. Soon you would become famous and made a high amount of profit from your channel.

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10 Easy Ways to Cope Up During Lockdown

Did you feel uneasiness and cranky in the last 2-3 months sitting at home? Do you find difficulty in focusing on your work or find drowsiness? This is something which we called ‘Social Isolation fatigue‘. Have you ever thought about why this would happen? In this article, you will find out 10 useful ways to cope up during lockdown.

There are endless numbers of reasons. Anxiety, Stress, Depression, irritability, hopelessness, lethargy, lack of patience, distrust people around you, panic attacks, food cravings, lack of motivation are some problems which we faced at home during isolation. Scroll down to know easy ways to cope up during lockdown.

But it is also very important to stay at home during the pandemic as Corona virus is increasing day by day. However, sitting at home is not easy and we face difficulties and it certainly affects our mental health.

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How are people bearing up in Lockdown?

If you are feeling any of the problems mentioned above then here are some ways to overcome Social Isolated Fatigue by sitting at home or working from home or you may seek professional help if it expands. 

As we all know social media is helping a lot during the COVID period. It helps in disseminating and socializing, though it doesn’t entirely fill the gap of existence and still, people feel lonely and cabin fever staying at home. People miss being roaming around with their friends, family and loved ones, they miss going out to parties and functions, they miss fancy dinners with their lovers.

People are connected with WhatsApp, Zoom, Microsoft, Face Time but somehow they are losing the touch they had before. It’s not the same as sitting together and having fun. The new normal is hitting hard on everyone. There are many ways to cope up during lockdown.

Washing hands, again and again, sanitizing grocery and other products or sitting at home doing nothing are some new habits which we have to accept forever. This new behavior is creating an issue in mental health. Public health experts say that a great deal of quarantine fatigue comes from the ”intangible rewards”. 

It’s a challenge now to stay sane at home as human beings are social animals and we need someone or the other to be with us. Many people do not find any productive while staying at home. We usually take hints from other people about what they are doing like cooking, crafting, painting etc. If we look after social media, we can see the people are actually fed up from quarantine and they are defeated attaining their hobbies. 

Realize and accomplish your essential needs, then your wants, It will help you to cope up during lockdown

It is clearly seen that social isolation is influencing our lives. Our mental, physical and emotional health is largely impacted. We lost ourselves in order to defeat our social isolation fatigue.

Therefore, we should eat healthily, stay fit, exercise daily, learn something different, take care of yourself and others, stick with your routine. 

Following are the easy ways to cope up during lockdown:

1. Eat Healthy

Eating healthy food on time is the best thing we are perpetrating for our body. Our constant habit has a strong impact on our happy life. Paper diet and the right amount of nutrition helps our body to energize and helps us motivate.

2. Keep yourself Fit

As the food is vital for our body the same as the exercise. We should not ignore our physical health. It is as important as doing work in the office. To keep our mental health in the state, we should look after our physical health.

Exercise helps in battling fatigue and anxiety. Even it’s few jumping jacks, push-ups, sit-ups, squats or fast running helps you to bend out of the resting mind. Also, yoga is very helpful in meditating and respiration, as it says yoga is the best medicine for every problem. 

3. Learn new trends

Don’t become like zombies doing anything just like eating minds, either learn something new or engage yourself in a productive way. Read some books, watch good movies, spend time with your family, cook food for your family, or try picking up new hobbies which helps you to beat your drowsiness.

4. Avoid Binge-watch

Lockdown has made people engage with OTT platforms from Netflix to MX players. We have a subscription for everything. But watching continuously without caring for your health or for your routine will not only affect your eyes but also your body.

You will have body ache and other severe problems. Take a break from time to time, walk around and shift equipment. 

5. Avoid watching 24/7 news

Do not stick in front of the TV and watch only news to get updates of COVID. Instead of that check some trusted channels and only read important points. The positive side of news which says that we get information 24/7 has some negative effects now.

We should create a positive environment for ourselves to get motivated and fine. Update yourself by going through your news feed twice or thrice a day to know what is going around the world. 

6. Stay Connected with your Friends and loved ones

As it is rightly said that communicating with people helps in overcoming our pain, stress and anxiety. So we should never forget that there is someone or the other who is missing us and wants us to be healthy and happy.

Never ignore anyone and sit around alone. Video Call your friends and violate the digital divide. Though we miss parties and fun but don’t forget that you still have good video call apps to stay active. So, instead of texts and messages, video call them.

7. Divert your mind

It is said that an empty mind is the home of the devil. So engage in those work which pleases you. Take advantage of leisure time and a slow pace. Absorb your mind in good activities. Try something which you haven’t tried earlier. Do some art, painting, crafting, show your skills and enhance them.

Always think positive as it will help to stabilize your mind and keep you encouraged. The moment you get negative everything will flood out of your hands. So stay optimistic.

8. Go outside

As we are aware of bad times of COVID-19 and it is strictly said to stay at home but if you feel some kind of anxiety then go outside, get some fresh air, boost your mind and don’t forget to wear your mask and social distance from others at-least of 6 feet. Move around but do no go to the crowded place.

9. Mind-fullness

To be mindful is the another important way to cope up during lockdown. As more and more time we spend staying at home alone, be aware of what you are doing, what you will be doing and don’t be overly reactive and stressed-out about what’s going around us.

You must be familiar of the present moments. But don’t get too involved in the information that it affects your mental health. So be mindful and careful. 

10. Do introspection

Don’t waste your time just by sitting and thinking. Work out as much as you can so that after 20 years you don’t feel regret that you got so much time and you just wasted it. As we all know COVID has given a lot of Time.

Time to slow down. Time to breathe. Time to live your life.
We should take it as an opportunity to relive and introspect ourselves. 


After conducting all the activities and you still feel that you are in depression or anxiety then do consult some professional. Share your problems or whatever you are feeling to the person whom you can trust and who can urge you. 

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Easy Habits of people that will help to SAVE money

Trying to save up a few bucks? Sure, you could cut eating out or ditching expensive bad habits like smoking and start thinking for a consistent saving and a better standard of living. Many people are obsessing over ways to make more money but never thought of ways to not to waste money. When we earn money we like to give a reward to ourselves by purchasing unnecessary things. Scroll down to see the Habits of people that will help to SAVE money.

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Habits of people that will help to SAVE money

Have you ever wonder that if you cut down on your purchase for just one month, think about how much extra you would have to use in your investments, saving accounts and emergency funds. Here some habits of people who don’t realize that hoe they waste their money. Scroll down to see the ideas to save money.

Following are the Habits of people that will help to SAVE money


The big reason for the lost of cooking art is delivery services as well as restaurants.  If you’re looking a solution to change your eating habits, do the math. Suppose you spend ₹50 per meal. Might be you spend more but this is the minimum amount we can imagine. That’s ₹18000 per year, assuming that you eat out once per day.

But if you replace those meals with home-cooked meals at an average cost of ₹20 and you will save an ample amount of money. As you can see eating out is a huge waste of money as well as food. This does not ’t mean that you should never eat out, however you should try to cut back. So better cook and eat at home and save your money for future use.


If you visit to grocery stores most of them have either packed vegetables or fruits or chopped. For your convenience they might be put in plastic bags or in beautiful containers. If you are buying any of them then you are just wasting your money on containers. Avoid chopped veggies and buy natural one. Always opt the whole carrots rather than chopped or heads of lettuce rather than bagged lettuce. This is also a healthier choice.


Obviously, we need a bank account because if we have to survive in a digital world. But what’s the use of that account which does not have money? Some banks charge just to have a checking account nowadays. They might only charge if you don’t keep a certain minimum amount which that bank expect from you.

Also overlook your penalties and insufficient funds, as these can really add up over time. Stick to your budget to avoid paying in banks and start saving in your wallets.


When you know that you can save money by cutting down on expenses, then why are you wasting money on cables, cell phones or extra electric devices? Do not plug in your laptop or mobile phone for too long. It can cost a lot on your electric bill.

Then just look after your water or other policies bill where you can just cut back. This is how you can probably save money by cutting down on your monthly bills.


Easy? A lot. Amazing? Yeah, because you don’t see money.

If you frequently use your credit or debit card to pay for things and you like it using as by pressing some buttons you purchase so many things and you don’t see the money. Then you must control yourself because the day will definitely come when you will pay a lump sum amount to the bank.

Start having cash in your wallet, this way you will think twice before using your money. Use a debit card and visit ATM to check your balance and other details. Only use credit cards when absolutely necessary, because many of them have the high-interest.


If you are indeed a coffee lover and you cannot work before you don’t sip it then you must work out a lot in the morning. You could take up a habit like a morning run or yoga session to get the blood pumping in the morning.

If you are addicted to coffee then a lot of coffee machines are now available to preset your brew, so you can program it the night before to start brewing your coffee before you even wake up. This is how you can save big bucks over time.


Yeah, we know people are fond of hot chic pants. But what if you are getting at a cheaper price? If you are a brand freak then you are just wasting your money and spending more money on those items which have supplements. It’s not always right that quality clothes are expensive, better clothes will last longer when cared properly. Still, shopping smarter can pay off.  Properly washing and drying your clothes will keep the colours and fabrics intact.


Do people ask that are coupons save a little money? Yes, they do. If you are couponing to the things you already buy then you are saving extras for other purchases. Don’t miss out some good savings. Also, you can download apps to use coupons on everything from grocery to spa. Coupons are everywhere, so if you aren’t in the habit of using them, you’re wasting your money.


If you are not in the habit of having a budget then you are wasting your time as well as money. Make a blueprint of your financial situation so that you must be aware of your expenses as well as savings.


Yes, we love to look flawless, but we can’t spend too much on our beauty by disturbing our budget. Opt for the product with fewer ingredients that you can actually pronounce- and own up to the fact that some of your own habits are contributing to your skin/hair/body odour issues.


If you are a student, then you are bounded with special discounts. You can save money in gym membership; as a lot of students are health-conscious, hotel bills; students tend to enjoy their birthday with their friends in hotel or buffet etc.

Not only students, military or senior discounts are also available. So you can take advantage of these discounts and enjoy your savings.


If you have a habit of use and throw then change it quickly because you are wasting a lot in them. If you are using disposable razors which lose its sharpness pretty soon, then go for non-disposable razors in which you have to invest once and you can just change your blade which you can buy in bulk with good discounts. For ladies also this is useful, though it has labelled and marketed for men, they’re not gendered exclusive. So a woman can use it freely.

You can apply it on your deodorant and other products residue.

So, now you know some money-saving tips. You must implement in your life and you can see a lot more savings than usual. As money is a complex subject and everyone has different budget and incomes. However, this advice is universally applicable and can benefit anyone. We hope these tips will help you and you will enjoy your life more with extra investments.

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How to get rid of greasy hair without washing? Tips & Tricks

When you are in a rush and you don’t have time to shower. Those extra five minutes of shampooing and conditioning, plus the five hours of living with wet hair are just things some girls can’t bother. But we never want to come up with greasy hair without washing it. Though a hat can solve our problem by hiding our dirty root but sometimes mess we need to expose them so what to do with messy and greasy hair. Scroll down to know how you can get rid of greasy hair.

greasy hair solutions

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To get rid of from your greasy hair, here are some tricks you will love to experiment on your hair. Here are some hacking solutions you can always try at your home especially when you are planning for the perfect workout.

Following are the tips and tricks that will help you to get rid of greasy hair:


The easiest and simplest way to get tired off from your greasy hair is nonetheless dry shampoo. It is your best friend during the time of your unwashed hair days. Just a few sprays if this product can give you an extra day between washes along with unbelievable volume and texture. If you haven’t tried it, then you do so as soon as possible. You have to spritz it all over your hair including your roots, wait for a minute, rub it in and brush it out. Pretty simple? Also, you will be amazed at how simple and beautiful it looks!


If you are done with dry shampoo and want to try something new and also easy, you can try with baby powder which is a multi-purpose beauty product.

Sprinkle baby powder on your hands and then running it all through your hair, paying special attention to roots and underneath, will make your hair look fresh and smooth. It will soak up the grease and make your hair look washed.


Not to worry if you don’t have baby powder lying around, but if you have sone cornstarch then it will just work fine. Also if your hair is pretty darker you can mix it with cocoa powder and rub it into your roots, it will make your hair look fresher and will smell delicious.


Just like you blot your face from oil, you can also try it with your scalps. You can rid of grease and get a shine on your face by using blotting papers. Run it along your scalp and roots and you will be amazed by your bouncy looks.


When your hair gets greasy, it can become limp and flat. So to amp up the volume a little here is the easiest way you can follow. Run a blow dryer through your hair and you will see that the oil is a buildup and your hair are grease-free. It will look like you’ve just stepped out of the shower and see your hair more lively and shiny.


It is the common and simplest way to camouflage your dirty hair. You will look gorgeous when you make a braid or two on your greasy hair.


A plain, sparkly or beaded hairband does wonder while hiding your greasy hair and making it look cute and perky -and it’s a style which suits everyone.

So these are some hair hacks for when you don’t have time to wash it. This only means one thing that we need a solution to get of greasy hair without washing it. This will probably help you with your ‘sticky’ situation. After applying this to your hair, you put your worries to rest.

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Important Benefits of Farting; Fartings isn’t a problem

Fart is also known as flatulence, it is when your body produces gas as part of breaking down and processing food. You also swallow air when eating, chewing or swallowing. All of the gas and air build up in your digestive system. Some of them absorbed naturally but some of them released in the way of either fart or burp. The majority of society views farting as gross. Scroll down to know about the benefits of Farting.

benefits of farting

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It is considered embarrassing; farting is a normal and natural occurrence. But, farting is healthy and good for your body. If you didn’t pass gas, you could experience painful or uncomfortable issues like bloating. Read and learn why farting is important and healthy. As it plays a vital role in the digestive process because your body needs to break down foods and eliminate certain products.

Important Benefits of Farting are as follows:


Holding on gas for too long can be harmful. Do not feel embarrassing while releasing it in-front of people. Don’t be afraid to let those farts fly. As holding in gas too frequently can irritate your colon.


Too much buildup gas in your digestive system can cause bloating. When it is not released at that time it can create uneasiness while sitting and that discomfort can become unbearable. Typically this sensation is noted after eating, especially with heavy metals.

 This is where passing gas can immediately lessen any bloating and any associated symptoms. If you are feeling that your pants are a little tight, simply go for a walk and let out some gas.


Okay! This is uncomfortable to explain, as it’s actually kind of gross. But one of the most important signs of a fart is that they can act as an alarm for your health status.

Here’s why. When we pass gas, we release a small amount of substance called hydrogen sulfide, which may be beneficial in blocking future illness.  Studies say that the element may also prevent cell damage, and even prevent heart attack or stroke.


One of the gastroenterologists said that’ “ Eating foods that cause gas is the only way for the microbes in the gut to get nutrients. If we didn’t feed them carbohydrates, it would be harder for them to live in our gut.”

The food which is rich in fibre such as beans, broccoli, lentils or cabbage etc can improve our digestive functions, and also produce more gas.


Your body reacts differently to certain foods. Passing gas can tell that you whether or not your diet is balanced.

If your diet includes lean proteins, vegetables, vegetables or grains then it will be considered balanced healthy. But then also it will produce gas. When we eat a lot of meats, our gas may give off a very unpleasant odour, indicating that we need to cut back a little.

So a balanced diet is healthier for your body and specifically for your gut even if it does produce flatulence.


Holding in gas can cause abdominal pain and cramping. Let your gas out so that you get instant relief from your pain. This happens when you eat, chew, swallow and process food, gas collect in your digestive tract. If you are in a place where you can fart without judgement, then you can help to move the gas along your digestive tract by gently massaging your belly.


Regularly farting is normal and even healthy. Farting a lot isn’t bad but it can be a sign of digestive issue or improper diet. One of the easy way to overcome this to have a balanced diet. Eat more fibre-rich foods like fruits and vegetables.

Also, cut out gas-filled beverages like soda or sparkling water, and pop mints for fresh breath instead of the chewing gum, which introduces more air. The next time you feel the need to express gas, know that it’s a natural process and essential to health.

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Some Easy Ways To Stop Farting; If You Think Its a Problem

Gas is the normal part of life and natural byproduct of a healthy digestive system. It is very important to take the gas out otherwise you will look like an over filled-balloon. Farting can be embarrassing to some people but if it is not released then it can build up and become very uncomfortable. All humans and animals pass gas, but the social awkwardness is the smell and the voice it makes. Scroll down to know about the Ways To Stop Farting.

easy ways to stop farting

People can expect to fart between 10-20 times, which sounds a lot but it is entirely normal. They are loud but most farts are odourless and relatively unnoticed. Farts are mainly made of odourless vapours like carbon dioxide, oxygen, nitrogen, hydrogen and also methane. Although this is a normal part of our life. But if you feel it inconvenient and searching for the remedies to reduce flatulence then you must try the following possible solutions. Scroll Down to know how you can stop farting.

Some Easy Ways to Stop Farting are as follows:


The first and foremost way to reduce passing gas is avoid cruciferous vegetables like cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli also some soft drinks. Though many gas producing vegetables are essential part of a healthy diet. You don’t need to cut them from your diet, you just have to eat less of them.


Eating slowly with the mouth closed will reduced the amount of air you swallowed at mealtimes. The majority of gas produced by the body forms because of swallowed air. When you eat fast you swallow far more air than when you eat slowly. You should try to sit for a while after eating and take time over dod rather than eating on the go. Also avoid engaging in other activities while eating like walking, driving or running.


Getting your body moving and flowing with gentle yoga poses is how to stop farting for many. Regular exercise also helps to keep the digestive system in a good shape. You must also go for a slow walk after a great meal.


The more you smoke every time, the more you intake the air. Not only farting but there are many more disadvantages of smoking. Smoking frequently can also add more air in your body.

People who think that smoking e-cigarettes is not that harmful, then they are wrong, it also helps to swallow more air.


One of the most effective and ancient remedy to stop farting is to drink lots of liquids for some period of time. Staying well hydrated encourages waste to pass smoothly through a person’s digestive system. This also helps keep your stool soft. Also, a lack of fluid may cause constipation, which can result in smelly wind.


Giving your body proper rest will make your digestive system some downtime when the body stops moving. This will help to produce less gas during your waking hours.


It is said that tropical fruit like pineapple and papaya both contain enzymes that work to help break down tougher food particles and make digestion easier. However if they do not break down in the small intestine and move to the large intestine, then there will be more chances of developing gas that will need to be released.


One of the main reason of farting is constipation also. Poop contains tones of bacteria sits in your colon for long period of time, it continues to ferment. This will produce lot of gas and extreme foul smell.

So to avoid this kind of situation, you must look after your constipation and start drinking more water. It will help to get things moving in your body. Also you can intake more fibers which can help to reduce the risk if it occurring,

Don’t Worry

If you still think that farting a lot is a serious issue then you need not to be. Keeping a food diary can be helpful in determining whether you have developed a food intolerance.

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