Famous brands and condoms; Taglines are funny enough to suit on their Condom’s Packet if they start manufacturing

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Condoms are one of the really important things as they save our lives and help us enjoy our sexual moments. You may be aware of condoms, their brands and some funny advertisements. Now, just think of famous other brands and their tagline. What if these brands start manufacturing condoms, how would their packet look like and do their tagline suit the products. Scroll down to see the combination of these brands and condoms.

There are many brands whose tagline suits best on condom packet but I found these 30 best. Do Read, comment and share with your funny friends and partner… 😉

List of the tagline of brands and condoms are as follows:


brands and condoms

You know Adidas as a sports brand but if they go for condom manufacturing this is what their packet looks like. See at the tagline if it suits better or not.

2. Amaron

Brands and condoms

Leakage se bachai


boost condoms

Boost is a famous sports drink and now it will be your secret of energy during sex.

4. Burger King

burger king brand and condom

I also use to have burger king 😉 but only ‘burger’.


Coca-Cola and its condom

Coca-Cola is a famous brand of Cold-Drinks and it’s tagline i.e ‘Open Happiness’ best suits the condom packet.


dettol condom tagline

Use it, only if you are 100% sure.

7. Dr. Fixit

dr. fixit condom

So What are constructing tonight?

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8. Gatorade

catorade condoms

haha haha, Answer the question here?

9. Gillette

gillete condoms tagline

10.In – N – Out

No need of tagline here. The name is enough.

11. KFC

Who thought this tagline of KFC would be so naughty.

12. Lenovo

Even tech companies’ tagline is suitable for condoms. 😉

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Life would definitely be good. If you use protection.

14. Lucky Charms

15. Lux Cozi

Want luck? Then use Lux Cozi’s condom only.

16. McDonald’s

Now, your partner will be lovin’ it.

17. MiRiNDA

Mirinda’s condom will help to control the force.


Unleash the beast with the help of Monster condoms.

19. M-Seal

Don’t let that ‘Tapakti Boond’ ruin your life. Get the M-Seal protection.

20. Nike

Just Do It, without any second thought.


Nokia is a famous brand of phones and is ‘connecting people for a long time’.

22. Pokemon

Hey, PoKeMoN fan’s out there, here’s something new for you. Gotta Catch ‘Em All!

23.Pop Rocks

Brands and condoms

What are you waiting for? Just go and ‘taste the explosion!’.


Raymond Tagline

Are you The Complete Man? It’s time to remove clothes then.


What is Skittles

I don’t know much about this product but its tagline i.e ‘Taste the Rainbow’ is weirdly funny as fuck.

26.The Home Depot

The Home Depot can help. Try this out as soon as possible.

27.Thumbs Up

Want to do something Toofani tonight? Then use Thums Up’s condom only.


Now XBOX will tell you that don’t play alone as ‘It’s good to play together’.

That’s it with this article of Brands and Condoms. If you think any other brand with the suitable tagline for condom then do let us know in the comments below. Meanwhile, please connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube for regular updates of fun and infotainments.


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