Billian Billian lyrics | Guri | Sukhe | Billian Billian full song details.

Presenting the lyrics of new punjabi song “BILLIAN BILLIAN” by Guri. The song is sung by Guri, its beautiful music is composed by Sukhe, Billian Billian lyrics are written by Guri, and its music video is directed by Satti Dhillon.

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Billain Billian lyrics are as follows:

Billian billian akhaan
Jihna akhaan nu main takkan x (2)

Tu saate gaur ni kardi
Main roz hi nazran rakhan

Bull gulabi nain sharaabi
Bull gulabi nain sharaabi
Dil te maarde sattan
Billian billian akhaan

Kanna vich vaaliyan
Thoddi utte til ni
Bhawien lakh kara lai tarrle
Ikk vaari sanu mil ni x (2)

Gall vass ch na mere assi aashiq tere
Aashiq tere gall vass ch na mere
Roll na wangu kakhaan
Billian billian akhaan

Suit pavein lakh lakh da billo
Sab khel teri akh da billo
Suit pavein lakh lakh da billo
Sab khel teri akh da billo
Manak tainu takkda haye nahio akhda
Haye nahio akhda

Sanu dil ch vassa lai
Haye ni seene naal la lai
Seene naal la lai
Haye dil ch vassa lai
Tainu saambh saambh ke rakhan
Billian billian akhaan

Billian Billian lyrics and Crew Details:

Music : Sukhe Muzical Doctorz
Starring : Swalina
Video Director : Satti Dhillon
Dop : Vikcee
Editor : Kamcee
Art Director : Blacc
Makeup & Hair : Anthea


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