10 Best types of Dates; Every couple should try at-least once in a life.

Dating is one of the best things to spend time with your lover. Almost every couple like the dates and try to make it the best moment of the life but many of the people aren’t aware of the following 10 best types of dates which can help them fall in love again and again. Scroll down to read the lists directly.

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The 10 Best types of Dates are as follows.

1. Long Walk Dates

Best types of Dates - Long Walk

If the weather is suitable and the sky is clear, a long walk with your loving partner makes it a perfect date. Walking hand in hand, away from all the hustle and bustle of daily life, is really romantic and act as stress buster too.

2. Movie Date

Best types of Dates - Movie Dates

Watching a movie or a TV series could be the best type of Date. Whether it is in the theatre or on the Laptop at home. Sitting with your partner with a popcorn tub is enough to for this beautiful moment.

3. Adventure Date

Best types of Dates - Adventure Dates

Its one of my favorites. I believe adventures dates are the best way to remember later. Some cool ideas are a trek, mountain climbing & camping on the side. Another adventurous thing you can try is watching a horror movie together. It’ll be another level of fun and adventure.

4. Long Drive Date

Best types of Dates - Long Drive Dates

The long drive is also the best idea to date. Spending a good time in a small cabin of the car on unknown and beautiful roads will definitely be fun for both of you.

5. Double Date

Best types of Dates - Double Date

Its another type of Dates which is trending nowadays. Going for an outing with another familiar couple can be an interesting experience. You get to know a lot about yourself and of course, learn from other couples as well. Moreover, double dates will help you spend quality time with your partner and your best friend too. Isn’t it time-saving also?

6. Cooking Date

Best types of Dates - Cooking Date

Cooking Date is another romantic and beautiful type of dates. Decide the menu and start cooking together. You guys will definitely have an incredible experience of tasty romance in the kitchen.

7. Role-Play Date

Best types of Dates - Role play date

It is another fun but the interesting type of date. You guys can either re-live your first date as strangers or play your favorite fictional characters and pretend you don’t know each other. This will help you know each other all over again.

8. Dance Date

Best types of Dates - Dance Date

If you guys are good at dance then this could be a better way to show your love for each other. Pull out your dancing shoes, play your favorite playlist, and dance with your partner like nobody is watching you. Dance dates are romantic, cozy, cushy and intimate. Let the love grow freely.

9. Drink Date

Best types of Dates - Drink Date

Update your love to another and funny level. Drink dates are one of the funniest ways to express love and romance. Choose a bar with decent music and a good crowd. Party, dance, get drunk and enjoy. Getting high with the partner is the best thing to keep in memories.

10. Game Date

Best types of Dates - Game Date

Play video games, Xbox, PS4 or even online games on your phone. You can be lazy and cozy in bed and have fun competing with each other. It’s another level to show love.

Dating is a lot more than the traditional dinner dates. So better you plan a date from the given list here, Just get out of your comfort zone and move into the romantic zone. It’ll be fun for both of you. If you have more such fun ideas, please do let us know in the comment section below.


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