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About Punjabi Droll

Punjabi Droll is an Internet Media Company that focuses on positive news and other interesting stories for your daily entertainment. We love to inform you about the latest happenings in your area that you really really need to know. Wondering why? Because who doesn’t love staying updated with the world and a few additional doses of laughter and amuse. We serve information on Entertainment, Jobs/Careers, Sports, Technology, Lifestyle and some other interesting and Funny stories. All the information are in the form of written News articles or Videos on our YouTube Channel. OH, AND FOR BONUS, we have included a unique part on this website i.e ‘Best in Punjab‘ section, under which we share the most exclusive and informative stories from different cities of Punjab to help people exploring the best of our ‘PIND’.

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Motive Behind Punjabi Droll

We are a bunch of enthusiasts who love sharing knowledge and entertain the audience on regular basis. Oh and to promote this passion of ours, we took the oath of entertainment and made this platform to share stories worthy of your time and give you the gaddar dose of laughter.

Here We are:

1. Avinash Shukla 

Avinash ShuklaAvinash is one of the pioneer members of the Punjabi Droll group and has served various organizations including electronic and Internet media as an intern. He is a tech enthusiast and holds an experience of a year in Advertising and Public relations for technology giants. In terms of Education, he has a Bachelor of Mass Communication degree from International Institute of Mass Media, New Delhi. Where he studied Journalism, Production, Advertising & Public Relations. After completing his studies he started this entertainment website and a couple of YouTube Channels to work freely without any external pressure of power and money. He is currently the founder of Punjabi Droll and is also working as the scriptwriter, web content writer and actor in Web stories on the YouTube Channel. Avinash is serving the nation as an independent journalist by reporting exclusive stories from Punjab. Connect With Avinash, on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & YouTube

2. Sudhanshu

https://punjabidroll.com/author/joyous/Sudhanshu is the enthusiastic member of this Punjabi droll group. He is a crazy and a non-serious guy on the earth and one has to do a lot of struggles to take any work from him. Well, Jokes apart he is an enthusiast and is always ready to learn guy. He is funny enough to handle our office’s environment. In terms of education, Sudhanshu is pursuing his Bachelor of Computer Applications degree from Bhai Gurdaas Institute of Engineering and Technology. He is fond of foods and punjabi songs. He is updated with all the happenings in YouTube industry along with Social Media Updates and always has a lot to share with people around him. He is also a fitness freak and a Social Media addict during the day whereas a virtual gamer at nights. You will find him watching videos on YouTube most of his time. Connect With Sudhanshu, on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram

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