7 YouTube Tips & Tricks To Enhance Your Browsing Experience on YouTube

YouTube is the most used media platform. YouTube has become the business for many persons too. Since these YouTube Tips & Tricks can enhance your browsing experience. YouTube is used for listening music watching movies and trending videos. YouTube is very useful nowadays and is a part of our daily life. Check the YouTube tips & tricks  below:

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YouTube Dark Mode

Many People browse YouTube at night and while browsing through YouTube at night, the white and bright skin can harmful for the eyes. Keeping this in mind, the new YouTube update has brought the Dark Mode to the browser. To activate Dark Mode, simply go the profile icon on the top right corner, and enable the dark mode from the drop-down. This will turn the white areas into dark grey, making it reliable for the eyes.

Dark Mode

Looping of YouTube Videos

Simply right click on the video and select the ‘Loop’ which will replay the song again and again on the same tab and not allow it to autoplay any other track. Now you can enjoy this earworm without any worries.

YouTube Tips & Tricks

Keyboard for YouTube Controls

  • Toggle play/pause the video: K or Spacebar
  • Go back 5 seconds: Left arrow
  • Mute/unmute video: M
  • Go back 10 seconds: J
  • Decrease volume: Down arrow
  • Go forward 5 seconds: Right arrow
  • Restart video: 0
  • Go to Full-Screen mode: F
  • Exit Full-Screen mode: Escape
  • Go to beginning of video: Home
  • Increase volume: Up arrow
  • Go forward 10 seconds: L
  • Turn captions on/off: C

TV on YouTube

Simply head to Youtube.com/tv and you’ll notice that the entire UI has become huge with bigger blocks that makes reading the content on the screen much easier.

youtube tips and tricks

YouTube Kids

YouTube is filled with content inappropriate for them, and sometimes, even the age filter on the Google account doesn’t work. That’s where YouTube Kids comes into the picture. The app for YouTube Kids is available for free on Play Store and the App Store.

youtube tips & tricks

This app only shows content suitable for the kids so they can remain in a safe space. This includes animated cartoons, nursery rhymes, art and craft tutorials and much more to keep the kids hooked on.

Adblock for YouTube

The only thing that annoys every YouTube user the most is the ads that keep on popping and killing the vibe. There is a way to block these ads on Google Chrome using an AdBlocker. Download and install ‘AdBlock for YouTube’ extension from the Chrome web store. After installing, it’ll automatically block all the advertisements and you’ll have a seamless playback.

Youtube tips & tricks

Lyrics on YouTube

Simply go and install the Musixmatch YouTube extension on your Google Chrome browser from the Chrome Web Store. Once the extension is installed, you can enjoy lyrics in sync with the video- just like subtitles! This works with not only English but also numerous regional songs.

youtube tips & tricks

Use these YouTube tips & tricks to enhance your Youtube browsing experience. If you find these Youtube tips & tricks useful do share this article with your friends. Do connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & YouTube for more such articles.


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