7 Smartphone Myths you should stop beleiving, right now

Smartphones have become a daily need today. But there are always some myths(false ideas) related to technology and some are related to smartphones also. These smartphone myths are discussed as below:

1.Phone’s battery gets damaged due to overcharging.

Smartphones, nowadays include various features and one such feature is that they can protect them from overcharging. So, there is no harm in leaving your phone on charging overnight. The co-founder of Farbe Technik, Shane Broesky, said “Your phone is very smart. Once it’s fully charged, it knows when to stop the current from coming in to protect from overcharging”. However, there is a kernel of truth to this myth also.

During charging the phone battery temperature increases, which further leads to heating of phone. So if you place your phone under a pillow or in a closed space during overnight charging it can cause serious damage.

2.Use the company recommended charger for your smartphone.

smartphone mythsAs already mentioned your smartphone is smart and is smart enough that if you use a charger with more power than the one that company recommends it automatically limits the power to amount needed for charging. So using different chargers doesn’t affect your phone.

3.Smartphones with Multi-core processors are faster.

smartphone mythsThe speed of the processor only contributes a little to the smartphone’s speed. The quantity of core does not matter much but the quality of cores is the thing that matters. For example, when we compare various 8 core android processors with dual core processors on iPhones, the concept is clear.

4.More megapixels means the better quality of images and videos.

smartphone mythsMore megapixels does not mean better quality. The image processing software, the lens and the sensor size is what enhances the image quality.

5.Android Phones have viruses and malware packed.

smartphone mythsDue to some reasons, Android phones have received a bad reputation when malware and viruses are concerned. Your smartphone does not get affected with viruses unless you are using unknown sources for downloading apps and data.

6.Task killer helps in speeding up your smartphone.

smartphone mythsThe apps freeze when they are in the background and use very less amount of memory. The background apps get cached in RAM such that smartphone can open them quickly when you need. Using a task killer leads to removal of apps from RAM cache. Due to removal from the cache the apps take more time when we reopen them, leading to lags and slowing of the smartphone.

7.You need to get a screen guard for protecting your smartphone screen from scratches.

smartphone mythsIt is true that using of screen guard is good but nowadays most of the smartphones come with Gorilla Glass protection. Smartphones having Gorilla Glass does not need any screen guard because they are extremely scratch resistant.

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So these are the smartphone myths which people refuse to understand. We recommend you to use your common sense and share this article to make other aware.


Avinash is the co-founder and a writer on Careers & LifeStyle on this website i.e www.punjabidroll.com. He is a graduate in Mass Communication and is a tech addict. You will generally find him with his laptop or tablet or smartphone.

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