15 Really Hilarious Posters which will Make you Laugh

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You would have seen many posters but not as hilarious as these ones. These hilarious posters will leave you rolling on the floor and amazed too. These 15 posters were made by the same guy and where spread all over California. Posters are a way of advertisement and can be seen advertising various things. You have to admit that the creator of these hilarious posters is really a genius and has created masterpieces. For much such hilarious stories connect with us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Check out these hilarious posters below:

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1. The lost Airpods.

The owner of these airpods is so confident about its ability. He has the ability to lose things and he knows that whenever these airpods will come out they will be lost.

lost airpods

2. Still Better than most of the Apartments.

This loft is on rent and with a price tag of $3,400 a/ month. But the condition is that you can’t live here with pets.

Better apartment

3. The Lost Cat.

This cat doesn’t know what he wants to do in his life. He is completely lost and needs help.

lost cat

4. Google is Hiring now.

Google is hiring employees and the thing you need to do is just sit back relax. As we all know google knows everything and it knows everything about you too.

google hiring

5. The Lost Boys.

These boys are lost and they have ages between 18-23 years. They are Caucasian male boys and they can fly. Please inform if you know anything about them.

Lost Boys

6. Mars has Water.

California is so deserty and dry that even Mars has more water than California.


7. The Lost Legs.

This guy has lost his legs and now needs them. He has some posters with a title of “Missing Legs”.

Missing Legs

8. No Swimming.

Los Angles Department of Water and Power has banned swimming on its property.

No Swimming

9. Parents are Real Santa.

Your parents are your real Santa kids. They have ruined their dreams to make your ones come true.

Parents Santa

10. Save Trees.

Save trees if you want to save your life.

Save Trees

11. The Lost Sunglasses.

A guy has lost his sunglasses and now he wants all his lost glasses back. He has a poster with a title of “Lost”.

Lost Sunglasses

12. The Missing Plot.

Warner Bros. Pictures has lost the plot. Help them find the plot.

Superman vs Batman

13. The Missing Tape.

A guy has lost his tape and he now needs it. Help him find his tape.

Missing Tape

14. Quit Vaping Now.

Quit Vaping Now because it’s never too late. Just stop showing off and being unique treat your friends well.

Quit Vaping

15. Missing Cary Elwes.

Cary Elwes was one of the first crushes of every girl. His role as Robin Hood was epic.



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