10 most annoying comments that a skinny person faces

Most of us imagine that being a skinny person have it easy. They get to eat whatever they want to, wear whatever they want to, and still manage to maintain their body type. Unfortunately, this isn’t right. But here’s the thing: being skinny is as tough as it gets. They got most annoying comments from other peoples.( Mostly from their parents). Let’s see the top ten.

most annoying comment on weight issue

most annoying comments

mos annoying comment on dress

mos annoying comment skinny eating

mos annoying comment y endura

mos annoying comment on eating

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You see, skinny people hear the most demeaning stuff all their lives. From being compared to a matchstick to people always monitoring how much they eat, skinny have had it all. But just because we don’t protest doesn’t mean we’re fine with it.
Maybe this will give all the folks an idea of what they’re not supposed to say to their skinny friends as this most annoying comments hurt. Respect everyone.

Source: ScoopWhoop.com


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